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A Guide To Attending Your First Music Festival

There’s nothing like the excitement of your first music festival. The fun with friends in tents, the music and the potential to make incredible memories. There’s really nothing that can beat it. Of course, it can also be a bit nerve wracking since you may not know what to expect. There’s nothing like the excitement of your first music festival. Here is a guide of attending your very first music festival.

First Music Festival

It’s definitely worth visiting websites such as On The Beating Travel to help you to prepare for your first music festival. There are also other tips and tricks that you should know in order to make your first music festival a success. That’s what we’re here to tell you about today! Keep on reading for a guide and some tips and tricks of attending your very first music festival.

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Bring the Right Gear

Rule number one of going to a music festival is making sure that you bring the proper gear for the festival. If you prepare by bringing the right things with you then you are far less likely to bump into any problems. You are going to need to get a durable, waterproof tent for starters. You should also make sure that you bring plenty of clothing with you, including spares. The fields that are used for music festivals can get very messy, and so might you! It’s always best to be prepared. Bring some snacks and some drinks along with you too, alongside some good quality footwear. And have fun wearing festival booty shorts.

Go With the Right People

Your experience in the music festival isn’t just about hearing the music – it’s also about the memories with those around you. You can go to a music festival alone – in fact, it can be quite rewarding. You may find that you would prefer to go with other people to your very first music festival, and that’s okay too. If you are going to go to the festival with friends, then it’s important that you go with the right kind of people. Make sure that you go with people who are going to look out for you and won’t let you get into any potentially dangerous situations. Likewise, bring people with you that you actually like and think that you can tolerate for a music festival. If you can’t stand being around your friend on a night out, then you certainly aren’t going to want to be around them for a few days straight. 

Use a Few Bank Cards

If you’re going to a music festival, it’s worthwhile to bring more than one bank card with you. This is a good idea because there’s always a chance that one of the cards could go missing or it may not actually work when you are at the festival. Having a backup option will help you to ensure that you still have money to spend in these situations, which is vital when you are away from home. Don’t keep them both in the same place either, as you’ll just end up losing them both.

Dress Sensibly

You may be tempted to bring your best clothes with you when you go to a festival, but this is something that you may well regret. You don’t want to ruin your clothing, after all! It’s also a good idea to bring a pair of wellies, just in case it’s wet and raining! 

Stay Hydrated

With water, that is! It’s great to have a bit of beer when you’re at a festival, but keeping up with your fluids is a good idea too. Bring a water bottle with you so that you can drink when you are feeling thirsty. You don’t want to become dehydrated, after all. You can always just leave a few bottles in your tent.

Don’t Leave Expensive Items In Tents

If you’re planning on bringing valuable items with you to the music festival like your camera or your phone, do yourself a favor – don’t leave them in the tent. It’s great to be trusting of people, but you never know what kinds of people are going to be in music festivals, or anywhere else in public really. Keep yourself protected by keeping your valuables close to your person at all times. They could end up getting stolen if you leave them in your tent, and that will be a real dampener on an otherwise great trip.

Have Fun!

Finally, make sure that you really cherish these moments. Music festivals are a lot of fun and are a great opportunity to make new memories with friends and even some new people! Just put on your wellies and enjoy yourself! 

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