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A Fantastic Travel Experience in Alaska

Imagination draws pictures of houses made of ice, residents with flying cheekbones and slit eyes, and movements only with dog sleds. But reality confirms these images, but it also brings with it many other things: raids by conquerors, Russian fur traders and Christian missionaries, American gold diggers, hunters and loggers, military operations and state purchases, oil pipelines that cross the mainland, and a vast state with fantastic nature, majestic mountains, the highest peak in North America, adventurous inhabitants who defy the cold, and countless tourists looking for the last frontiers of the earth. Alaska is not just ice. It is a vast country with many natural and cultural contrasts.Alaska is home of one of the highest peak in North America, but not only that! Discover why a fantastic travel experience in Alaska.

Alaska is not what the visitor expects. Despite its cold climate, it has a hot summer and endless plains with flowers. Despite its summer, it has countless eternal ice and high glaciers, which impress with their density and shape. Despite the climatic difficulties, it has passionate fans who choose its territory for permanent residence and enjoy space, nature, and tax amnesty. And despite being sparsely populated, it has a mosaic of Indigenous Indians, former Soviet tribes, and present-day Americans from every corner of the globe. It is a real surprise and a solid element in the modern tourist game.

Fantastic Travel Experience in Alaska

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Basic Information about Alaska

Alaska is the largest state in the United States and was annexed to the federation only in 1959, although the Americans had bought the area from the Russians who first conquered it in 1867. Its total population does not exceed 800,000, which means that this vast area is sparsely populated. Most of the inhabitants live in the south-central part of Alaska, while the north is mostly tundra, with small scattered towns and villages.

The capital is Juneau, a seaside town near the border with Canada, while Anchorage is the largest city and has the busiest airport. At the northwestern tip of the state is Port Nom, Alaska’s main port on the Bering Sea, on the border with Russia. The ideal time to visit Alaska is from May to September, as winters are usually harsh, with heavy snowfall from October to March for the most part.

Exploring Alaska

Alaska is a trendy cruise spot as it has a huge coastline and dozens of small islands that form beautiful, unique landscapes. Juneau and Anchorage are the most frequent starting points, while the latter is the most famous road and rail routes to the impressive hinterland. Visitors to Alaska must board a boat and go out to see whales and even herds in the wild, hike in the mountains and visit at least one of the country’s national parks, where wildlife and wildlife compose unique, beautiful landscapes.

One of Alaska’s most popular hiking trails is the one that connects Anchorage with Fairbanks, the largest city in the hinterland, as this way visitors can see the beauties of Denali National Park. There is Mount McKinley, the highest in North America, with a height of 6,187 m, while in the park live 130 species of birds and wild animals such as wolves, bears, deer, and many more. To cross the park, you need to board one of the special buses with the relevant permission to cross the only road that crosses it. On the park’s eastern border flows the river Nenana, which originates from the glacier of the same name and is ideal for rafting. From Fairbanks, you can also enjoy the Northern Lights, one of the most impressive spectacles of nature!

Starting from the capital Juneau, it is worth visiting the Glacier Bay National Park (Glacier Bay National Park), which belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and extends to 12,000 sq. Km. Glaciers, snow-capped mountains, and a vast coastline, where rare animals and birds live, compose an awe-inspiring landscape, while those who choose it can find accommodation and spend their holidays in one of the most unique places on the whole planet. You can rent a car from the capital of Juneau to roam the surrounding areas with ease and safety. You can find the vehicle of your choice by contacting the rental company, Enjoy Travel, which will offer you quite reasonable offers.

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