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A Family Adventure in Semuc Champey, Guatemala

Semuc Champey, Guatemala

If you are planning to visit Central America, don’t forget to add Semuc Champey Guatemala to your list. You will find various sceneries in this country that you will surely enjoy. Also, if you are looking for a great adventure trip, Guatemala is the place for it. Here is this, an exploration experience I had in Guatemala and an adventure that I won’t forget. Get to know what nature adventure are you in for.

 Semuc champey in Guatemala

For the last year and a half, I have been spending my days exploring Guatemala as much as I can. And it was time for a new trip, so for this adventure, we were staying in the colorful Coban town which we toured before doing anything else.

It turned out to be a beautiful town filled with restaurants and hotels. Then the next day we visited the Lanquin Caves where we were surprised by hundreds of bats and some beautiful rock formations. Then for the last part of adventures in the area, we went to Semuc Champey.

Family Adventure in Semuc Champey in Guatemala

Swimming hole in Semuc Champey, Guatemala

Semuc Champey is one of many Guatemalan beauties located in the Alta Verapaz Department. It is a natural monument that consists of a natural 300 m limestone bridge, under which the Cahabon River makes its way and ends in a beautiful waterfall. Its name means the place where the river goes underground. There is also some water that runs over the natural bridge, which forms turquoise pools where you can go for a swim. There is also the option of just enjoying the surrounding nature.

Once you leave the main road, you will still have to go a few kilometers on a dirt road, so it is better to rent an SUV or to take a shuttle there. Because small cars don’t do great here.

Lodging in Semuc Champey

For visiting this region we thought of staying closer to it, so we checked in a little rustic lodge of the region that looked cute, but I didn’t really like it. And don’t worry it’s not the only one around, so there is still hope!

But you need to keep in mind that the area is very remote so there aren’t any luxury hotels, most of them are smaller and simple hostels. This isn’t something that would have kept me from going there, but it is important to be aware of that.

View from El Mirador of the Semuc Champey, Guatemala

Exploring Semuc Champey

As soon as we got there the first thing my husband and I wanted to do was to visit the “El Mirador” from here you get a bird’s eye view of the whole place, and it looks so beautiful that you won’t believe it.

Then it was time for the thing my son had been dying to do: swimming in those beautiful turquoise pools. The water was a bit chilly, but he didn’t seem to mind it.

We had a lot of fun in this amazing place, and we still had to head over to the Lanquin Caves.

Sadly this adventure had to end, and it was time to start the drive back to Antigua Guatemala.

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A Family Adventure in Semuc Champey, Guatemala

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