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A Couple’s Checklist: Underrated London Gems to Visit

London is filled with incredible history, landscapes, and architecture. It’s hard not to fall in love with the city and your partner (more) on your visit here. London is on every bucket list of lovers, and you can find something new in every nook and cranny of the city. 

Big Ben
 big ben in london

Take your lover to the underrated places in London. Who hasn’t heard of Big Ben, Buckingham Place, and the London Eye? Take a different route and side of London by adding the following underrated gems to your itinerary: 

Portico Library

This library was established in 1806 when Manchester was hailed as the “first modern city.” The Portico Library was visited by numerous world-famous writers, educators, scientists, and future Prime Ministers. 

The Portico Library is in the heart of Manchester, so you can easily locate and travel to it. If you’re in the heart of London, you can buy London to Manchester train tickets for a more effortless travel experience. The Portico Library is one of the best-hidden gems to bring your lover if they appreciate history, books, writing, and literature! 

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Columbia Road Flower Market

Nothing screams “hidden gem” more than the Columbia Road Flower Market. It’s located behind a housing estate in the East End of London. It’s the place where you get confused if this is the place. The only clue to answer your question is the rare sizable potted plant you can see down the street. 

The flower market is only open every Sunday at 8 am and around 3 pm. The Columbia Road Flower Market is an exciting place to search for and visit with your lover, especially if you want to look at some flowers. 

There are over 50 stalls in this area, and they sell every kind of flower (and plants) you can ever imagine. Coffee shops and musicians surround this area, so you can sit down and talk with your lover while listening to background music. 

If you want to purchase your partner flowers, the best time to haggle is around 1 pm. Flowers can be a costly gift, so when the flower market starts to quiet down, stall owners start to offload their remaining products. Please take advantage of this to surprise your lover with their favorite flowers. Just be sure to haggle when they’re far away from you to ensure that they’ll be shocked!

Nomadic Community Garden

Do you want to take your lover to a wonderland-like experience? The Nomadic Community Garden has street art-covered walls, cars, and makeshift buildings. All of these create a “grown-up fairytale fort.” This garden is underrated, and if you want to visit somewhere new that’s also Instagram-worthy, this urban oasis is the place to visit. 

It’s always great to photograph your visit in a place filled with colorful details and vibrant gardens, and where locals create art. You can genuinely feel a sense of community in this garden. It’s a London secret that you and your lover can discover together!

Tower Bridge

You may be shocked to see Tower Bridge in the “hidden gems” list, but did you know you can go kayaking under the bridge? The hidden gem in this bridge is you can go on an organized kayaking tour with your partner and sight see the best of the best London landmarks. 

It’s a great experience that you can share with your loved one. If both of you are into activities where you can sweat a little, especially near or in bodies of water, add this location to your list! 

Kyoto Garden

If you are looking for a hidden gem in London filled with greenery and flowers, then Kyoto Garden is the place to visit! Don’t worry since, like the other gems mentioned above; the Kyoto Garden is also easily accessible from central London. 

The Kyoto Garden is over 20 hectares, and it’s located around the Holland House (it used to be an old castle that housed numerous famous families). This old castle was built in 1605 but was destroyed in the 2nd World War. Thankfully, in 1991, the castle and the Gardens were officially opened to commemorate the peaceful friendship between the United Kingdom and Japan. 

As you’ve guessed, the Kyoto Garden reflects the traditional Japanese gardens. You might think you traveled to Japan due to the spectacular landscape. In this picturesque place, you’ll see waterfalls, numerous kinds of flowers and trees, Japanese-style stone carvings, majestic koi carp fishes, peacocks and herons, and many more. 

Are you worried about visiting off-season? Don’t worry; you can visit Kyoto Garden with your lover in any season. During spring, you’ll find that a majority of the flowers in the garden are in full bloom, especially the famous Japanese cherry blossom tree. During autumn, the golden and vibrant leaves of the giant oak are a sight, especially with all the maple trees surrounding the garden.

You and your lover can view the bright-colored trees and flowers in summer. And lastly, during winter, the trees and flowers will be covered with snow, and you can cuddle up with your lover while taking pictures around the garden. Each season gives lovers a sight to see! 

Final Thoughts

Paris may be the city of love, but don’t sleep in London. You can make any place romantic with your lover, especially the hidden gems of London. If you want to try something new and look at a different side of this famous city, visit the places mentioned above!

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