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We had our job cut out for us, travelling from one cheapest destination to the most expensive destination in the world. Surprisingly, Paris can be enjoyed on a budget, too. When travelling to Paris, we found many ways to save money. It has many places where you can find cheap and reasonable prices.

Several of Paris’ top attractions are free. If you plan to travel to France, collect all your documents, including proof of accommodation, passport, cover letter, dummy ticket for Schengen visa, and health travel insurance. Here are some valuable tips for a budget-friendly visiting tour to Paris and ideas to help you plan your trip without breaking the bank.

Early Book Your Accommodation In Paris

If you try to book your accommodation a month or weeks early before your planned departure date, then it will save you a lot of money. When touring France by car or another vehicle, look for accommodations with parking. It doesn’t matter whether you stay in towns or outskirts, Street parking is easily available. It depends totally on where you go.

Travel To France During The Low Season Or Summer

France is a most popular tourist destination. Summer and spring are the busiest seasons for planning a trip to Paris. Travelling to France with a cost-effective budget is a wonderful decision to enjoy beaches, fewer crowds, and reasonable accommodations. If you travel in the peak seasons, then the accommodations in France become more expensive and crowded.

That’s why we recommend visiting Paris during summer or the low season. But the one disadvantage of travelling in the off-season is that many restaurants open only for a short period, particularly on beaches.

Despite the mild weather in December and January, the south of France is still a good place to enjoy the landscapes and cities. Bathing in the Mediterranean is probably not a good idea!

Research For The Discount Passes And Free-Admission Days For Enjoying The City Sights

Many museums and attractions in France offer bundled or discounted admission through a single pass. In many cities, museums and municipal sites offer free admission on the first Sunday of the month, so check the tourist office site (or visit in person) before buying individual admission tickets.

Prefer Using Public Transportation

Due to the crisis and pandemic in Paris, most of the prices, including public transportation, have been increased. A one-way metro (bus, tram) ticket is now 1,90€, but day passes and week passes are also available.

RATP is the main public transportation system, and you should always plan ahead because buses and metros rarely arrive on time, and they may be rerouted. This could be due to a suspicious bag in a station, someone falling on the tracks, or technical difficulties… Welcome to Paris.

Where To Eat In Paris On A Low Budget?

Depending on what you consider “affordable,” Paris can actually be an affordable place to eat. You should stick with your hosts from Worldpackers for food if you’re on an extreme budget – they’ll probably be able to offer you the best home-cooked French meals and give you the best insider tips.

When it comes to eating out, your best bet is to go to bakeries and patisseries. Here, you will find all sorts of sweet and salty treats (of course, at all price ranges).

If you’re looking for something to snack on in Paris, there are plenty of delicious pastries options available. Our plain butter croissant and pain au chocolat will cost you from 1-1,50€, while our baguettes come in different varieties, including the “Tradition,” which costs 1-1,20 €. For something fancy like macarons, prices range from 1-5€ depending on where you go; La Durée is one of the more famous and expensive options.

oxAn eclair au chocolat goes for around 1,50 – 3 €, while a classic Le Jambon Beurre sandwich with cheese and ham is usually 2,50 – 5€. Quiche saumon or epinard (or Lorraine) can also be found at 2,50 – 5€. If that’s not enough to tantalise your taste buds, why not try a tartelette aux framboises at 3 – 5€ or the Paris-Brest, an Almond-studded choux pastry with rich praline crème mousseline that will make your mouth water?

Make Sure Breakfast Is Included At Your Booked Accommodation

If you share a bath, you can get a cheaper room for 28 Euros. The shared bath is quite clean, too. The price of a hostel in Paris isn’t prohibitive, and you’ll have enough money to enjoy the sights.

The Perfect Hotel/Hostel includes a coffee, juice, bread, and chocolate croissant breakfast.

Ensure that your Paris hotel includes breakfast. If you save on any meal, it will help you stay within your budget. Paris can be an expensive city, so the more you can get included with your accommodations, the better.

Try To Buy Your Wine At The Supermarket Or Any Wine Store

With friends/a significant other, it is common to share a glass of wine in a park or along the Seine in Paris. You can get a bottle of French wine for as little as five to ten euros. Ask your accommodation if it has corkscrews or glasses you can borrow or buy your own. Cheers to saving money while in France!

Average Daily Costs To Live In Paris

  • Dorm bed in a hostel: €18–30
  • Double room in a budget hotel: €60–90
  • Double room in a mid range hotel: €90–190
  • Double room in a top-end hotel: €190–350
  • Lunch menus (set meals): under €20
  • Lunch menus in gourmet restaurants: €20–40
  • Cost of dinner at a top restaurant: menu €65; à la carte €100–150
  • Public transport ticket cost: €1–7.50
  • Car rental: €35–80 per day
  • Opera tickets: €15–150
  • Glass of wine: €3–17


To get flight reservation for visa application to France, search for the best embassies or consulates at your office and submit the application form and all required documents.

Last Updated on August 8, 2023

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