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A Brief Guide to Caribbean Cruises

If you’re after a holiday that gives you a chance to relax on a sun drenched beach, go swimming with dolphins and sip cocktails by the pool, the Caribbean is the place to go.

Cruise holidays and the Caribbean definitely go hand in hand as well, with almost 40% of all cruises heading to this part of the world.  Cruises allow you to visit many different Caribbean destinations during one holiday, which could actually save you money.

Where do Caribbean cruises sail to?

The Caribbean is usually split into three sections – the east, the west and the south.

Eastern Caribbean

–       Antigua

–       Barbados

–       Puerto Rico

–       St Croix

–       St Lucia

–       St Thomas

Western Caribbean

–       The Cayman Islands

–       Jamaica

–       Mexico

Southern Caribbean

–       Aruba

–       Bonaire

–       Curacao

–       Barbados

–       Trinidad and Tobago

When should I go?

One of the best things about the Caribbean is that there are always cruises available. There’s still a peak holiday season though, when the weather is at its best. This is between November and May.

From June to November the Caribbean is in its official hurricane season. While you can still visit during this time, you should be aware that cruise ships may need to change course to avoid storms. This might mean that your itinerary changes, which you won’t be compensated for.

How long should I go for?

This really depends how much time and money you have available. The longer your cruise is the most expensive it will be, but you’ll also be able to get more done during your break. You can get cruises to the Caribbean that last just four nights as well as epic 21 night cruises.

What kind of shore excursions come included?

Almost all cruises to the Caribbean will come with shore excursions. These are planned trips to certain locations and attractions within the area that you can opt into.

For example you could:

–       Go swimming with dolphins

–       Go on an off-road safari

–       Go mountain biking

–       Go deep-sea fishing

–       Go snorkelling

–       Go scuba diving

Are cruises family friendly?

Absolutely – you can find family friendly cruises by searching online and will see that some cruise lines are ideal for children. The Caribbean is also a fantastic location for kids, with lots of beaches that are perfect for sandcastle building.

How much can I expect to spend?

This really does depend on the duration of your cruise and the cruise line you choose to go with, as some are more expensive than others. You can find week-long cruise holidays for just a few hundred pounds per person, while longer cruises can cost thousands of pounds. If you have time for a long cruise it’s definitely worth the money though, as you’ll be able to do so much during your holiday.

You’re guaranteed to return from a cruise holiday with some amazing memories. If you want to go on a Caribbean cruise, look online for budget options now.

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