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A Basic Idea About Different Scuba Diving Courses

If you’ve never done it before, then scuba diving is surely one of those bucket-list-worthy activities. Diving gives you a good glimpse of a world you don’t get to see and explore very often (unless you live near a great diving spot in Central America). You can always get multiple certifications from different agencies about scuba diving. All these scuba diving courses offer unique benefits.

Considering the ocean bed covers over 70% of the earth, it would be safe to say that you miss out on a whole lot by not trying scuba diving. However, unlike snorkeling, you may need formal training and certifications to dive at the best spots in the world.

People planning to do the course and get a certification should first do an SSI vs PADI comparison. These are the two most renowned scuba diving certifications to choose from.

Scuba Diving Courses

SSI vs PADI- A Basic Comparison

The critical difference between the two courses is perhaps the training methodology. SSI instructors follow a more flexible teaching approach. 

You won’t have to abide by strict skill guidelines or standards to pass the SSI course. Conversely, PADI demands adherence to the same. The required scuba diving skill-set is taught in a set order in PADI training. 

However, the approach followed does not automatically make PADI the better course. In fact, SSI instructors go through more in-depth training than PADI instructors who only need to complete short, two-day courses. 

Comparing courses like SSI vs PADI, choose the course based on which training approach works better for you. For example, if you prefer structures, formal learning systems more, then go for PADI. Both diving organizations use their training materials and standards.

The SSI offers courses like the basic diver course, referral diver course, indoor diver course, and the scuba diver course. 

PADI’s course list includes the open water diver course, discover scuba diving course, divemaster course, open water scuba instructor course, specialty instructor course, master scuba diver trainer course, and the reputed IDC staff instructor course.

Other Courses

While PADI and SSI offer the most popular scuba diving certifications, they are not the only courses you can do. 


The NAUI is one of the oldest scuba certification organizations and offers a range of diving courses. Even the US Navy depends on NAUI certifications. 

Courses offered by the organization are very similar to PADI courses. However, you will also need to do a skin dive to get an NAUI certification. These courses are more comprehensive, and the certification requirements are a little more stringent.


The BSAC is a UK-based scuba certification organization, and BSAC certificates have wide, global recognition. 

Convert your BSAC certificate to PADI, and BSCA courses are usually cheaper. If you are more interested in joining the UK’s or Europe’s diving community, then BSAC may be the better course for you.


The SDI is a scuba training and certification organization that enjoys global recognition. Other agencies like PADI and SSI recognize SDI certifications. 

SDI courses offer the foundation for TDI and ERDI programs as well. So if you want to make a scuba diving career and become a scuba diving instructor, try SDI courses.

Final Thoughts

You can always get multiple certifications from different agencies if you are passionate about scuba diving. All these organizations and scuba diving courses offer unique benefits.

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