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9 of the Top Misconceptions About Living in an RV

There are many misconceptions when it comes to living in an RV. Many believe RV’s are tricky to drive, require a commercial license, are only for 65 and older, and can be overly expensive. Despite the misconceptions, many people are still taking the plunge and moving in an RV.Nine things that are not true when it comes to living in an RV but many people believe.In this article, you will learn about living in an RV.

9 Myths About Living in an RV

Difficult to Drive

The sheer size of an RV can make it intimidating to drive. However, this shouldn’t be something that scares you away. With any new vehicle it takes time and practice to get used to driving it.

Some key tips to driving safely in any large vehicle include being aware of parking structures and bridge overheads. You may want to consider investing in a back-up camera to help you back up safely.

Never forget RV insurance. This will protect you in case you bump into something resulting in superficial damage. It’s all a part of the process of learning to drive a bigger vehicle.

 Requires a Special License

In addition to the intimidating size and difficulty to drive, many believe that an RV requires a Commercial Drivers License. The good news is that most states do not require a special license and accept a standard drivers license.

Depending on the state, they may require this license if your vehicle exceeds a certain weight or length. If your RV is below the limits you are in the clear.

If you are a resident in the state of California, they require you to have a Non-Commercial Class B license but only for RV’s between 40ft-45ft.

Need to be a seasoned RV traveler

Living in an RV isn’t much different than living in a traditional home. The major difference is that it is a house on wheels. If you are at a loss, not to worry, there are many resources available to you while on the road.

This includes an RV blog community and multiple camp finders like Hipcamp and Capendium. With these sources, you can find answers to RV related questions and locate the best camps for you to stay in.

RV’s are boring

The memories you make in an RV are completely different from a traditional home or even a posh vacation. It is the most spontaneous and genuine way to spend time with your family or loved one.

There are so many new places to discover with the freedom of living in an RV. Even in the wintertime. If Utah’s snowfall is no match for your vehicle, check out some epic Utah’s winter activities all starting from the foot of your parked RV.

Only for old people

You may think RV living is only for the ages of 65+ and retired. Not anymore. Millennial’s are embracing tiny homes, glamping, and all things retro. Young adventurers in there 20’s and 30’s are loving the on-the-road minimal lifestyle.

The best part about RV living and the increased popularity of freelancers and remote workers is that these two go hand-in-hand. You can now work with ease from an RV with a decent Wi-Fi signal.

 You Can’t Earn an Income While on the Road

People that work from home are generally happier and have a better quality of life. Working from an RV will encourage you to step away from your computer and enjoy the great outdoors.

Today, companies are specifically looking for remote workers in the freelance blogging and affiliate marketing industries. If you have Wi-Fi, you can most definitely earn an income.

Too costly

An RV does cost a fair share but there are opportunities to save. For example, renting your first RV is much more cost effective and it gives you the chance to get a feel for what kind of RV you want when you are ready to purchase.

Costs associated with an RV can be cheaper than a traditional home. The RV is a home and mode of transport, eliminating your need for a car. RV insurance is much lower than car insurance as companies assume you will only use the RV once in a while. Lastly, most RV parks provide utilities for free or at a reasonable rate.

Cost of living in an RV isn’t considerably less expensive than a home but there are aspects that are more cost-effective.

Not luxurious and cramped interior

Do not be fooled, RV’s can be extremely luxurious. Some RV designs can actually slide-out to provide more living space when parked. Expensive models also come equipped with flat-screen TV’s, walk-in closets, and full-size showers.

If you are worried about feeling claustrophobic, you may want to splurge on a mobile home with a slide out design. Otherwise, keep in mind that you have the entire outdoors surrounding you, providing ample space to hangout in.

Campsites are Busy and Have a Lack of Privacy

If you choose to park at a RV campsite, you will be amongst other RV’s and travelers. The only difference about this and an apartment complex is that you don’t have physical walls.

This can result in some noisy neighbors, but most times your RV is so well equipped than you won’t need to step outside anyways! If you do, you are guaranteed to make some friends who can relate to the RV lifestyle.

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