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9 Tips in Finding the Best Promo Codes For Cheaper Accommodation

When planning for a trip, the place where you will be staying is an important thing to consider. If you are traveling with your budget in mind, accommodation usually takes up a large portion of your allotted money for travel, aside from plane tickets. Spending less on accommodation is a great way to enjoy your trip more and using the money instead on activities and new experiences.Nine tips that will allow you go online and find promo codes for cheap accommodations that you can use on your next trip.

So, how can you save on a hotel accommodation? With lots of websites offering hotel bookings, you might get confused on deciding where to stay and how you can get great hotel deals. One of the best ways to lessen your hotel expenses is by scoring promo codes that can help you slash off hotel rates. But, how can you get them?

cheap accomodations

Here are some tips:

  1. Sign up and be a member.

Most of the websites for hotel cheap accommodations offer membership. They are usually free — you just have to provide an email address and fill in some information. By signing up, they can give you exclusive discounts and promo codes.

This is also applicable to direct hotel bookings. Some hotel chains are managed by a single company, and if you sign up for a free membership, they can provide you with promo codes to all the hotels they are operating.

  1. Sometimes it is all about the day of the week.

Hotel booking websites usually offer discounts and promo codes in the middle of the week. This is because they usually experience less web traffic; therefore, fewer clients come in. They give out promo codes to attract more potential customers, so if you want to score a deal, you might want to check hotel deals during these times.

  1. Take advantage of the holidays.

Usually, a marketing strategy of booking sites is releasing promo codes during an important holiday — Black Friday and Thanksgiving. Just like what you do in scoring good finds in gadgets and retails, why don’t you also try it when booking hotels?

  1. Treat yourself on your birthday month.

If you successfully signed up as a member of hotel booking websites, they usually send out an exclusive promo code that you can use during your birthday month. It usually goes up to 10-20% off to any hotel that you’ll choose. Now, that’s a really good birthday treat for you.

  1. Travel with your friends and family.

You might be familiar with the term “Groupon”. Some hotels and also booking sites provide discount codes if you are traveling with a group. Whether you are going with your friends or family, you can score cheap accommodations if you will be checking in together. It will definitely be more fun than exploring your dream destination alone.

  1. Collect points.

One of the perks of joining booking websites is that you can earn points for every booking that you made using their site. When you frequently use their website for your travel needs, the accumulated points have corresponding discounts that you can use on your next one.

cheap accomodations

  1. Use your credit card in transacting.

Sometimes, credit card companies team up with leading booking websites as part of their marketing strategies. If your credit card-issuing bank is a partner of a particular booking website, they will give you a promo code so you can have a discount on regular hotel rates. So, before booking your accommodation, check if they have on-going promo codes with hotel booking sites.

  1. Keep up with their social media accounts.

Cheap accommodations booking services use social media to get more attention and potential clients. Sometimes they give promo codes to people that liked or follow their page on social media. Liking or following them won’t just keep you updated on their latest offerings, you can also score discounts from time to time.

  1. Rate and write a good review.

After your hotel stay, they usually ask for feedback about your experience with their service. Typically, a part of the marketing team will contact you through email, telling you to write a review about the hotel that you stayed in. Most people would not mind since they think that it is just a waste of time, but some websites usually give promo codes to those people who would take some time to rate and write a review.

So, next time you received an email, you might want to rate and drop a quick review. Maybe their gesture of saying thank you is by giving you a promo code.

There are many ways to save up on your accommodation. If you know how you can save and where to look for discounts, every hard-earned money you pay for your hotel bookings is worth it.

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