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9 Must-Have Travel Accessories

When preparing to travel, the idea of having to live out of a suitcase for a few days or weeks should make you question what is necessary to bring. The following travel accessories are on this list because of their convenience and usefulness for any travel adventure. You can bring these with you and not worry about over-packing!Nine of the essential pieces of travel accessories that you should always carry on your trips.Take a look at this list of travel accessories.

Travel Accessories

9 Essential Travel Accessories

Universal Adapter

If you have never traveled outside your country you may not be aware that power outlets are not universal. If you are planning on going abroad there is no need to purchase a multitude of adapters. Universal travel adapters are an ingenious invention for travelers to avoid a cluttered drawer of adapters.

Document Organizer

Nothing is worse than experience a moment of panic, shuffling through your bag, praying you remembered your travel tickets. Document organizers are a great way to store passports, tickets, and other important documents for you and your family.

Door Alarm

The rise in popularity of services such as Airbnb brings into question the safety of staying in a stranger’s home. Even staying in a hotel in a foreign place can be scary. Travel alarms are easily placed on your doorknob; they are inexpensive and definitely worth the peace of mind.

Wallet Phone Cases

It is always ideal to have items that serve multiple functions to save space when you are traveling. Wallet cases keep your phone, money, cards, and licenses in one place with your phone. You can shop iPhone cases on the Casely website for a wide variety of wallet phone case designs.

Wireless Router

Long gone are the days of following a map and getting lost. The Internet has made traveling much more accessible! Wireless routers ensure you will have that convenience no matter where you go; they even make travel sizes that can easily fit in a pocket or purse.

Toiletry Organizer

Avoid bathroom clutter and reclaim your sink space with a travel organizer for toiletries. Over the door organizers can hang on a hook or doorknob to save space, which can be a lifesaver in a cramped bathroom. Travel sized bottles, make-up, first aid, and medications can all be organized and kept out of sight.

Travel Accessories as  Packing Cubes

Tediously packing a tidy, organized suitcase can feel like a fruitless effort after you have to dig to find something. Packing cubes can be used to keep your clothing organized into separate outfits or categories. They also perfect for keeping items you want to bring on your flight or toiletries all together.

Travel Accessories as Portable Power Bank

Somehow we lived without them, but now smartphones are considered a necessity to most of us. Whether for contacting your loved ones, using a translation app, or navigating a new area it is vital to have your smartphone charged at all times. Portable chargers give you the freedom to be out all day without worrying about your phone dying.

Travel Accessories as Mini Electric Toothbrush

You no longer have to sacrifice oral hygiene on your next vacation. Say goodbye to the cheap looking portable toothbrushes, electric mini toothbrushes are now a thing. They take up a small amount of room in your luggage, but give the same clean as your regular brush at home. They also come in fun designs with a case to keep your brush safe from contamination.

Travel Accessories Bottom Line

When traveling it always best to opt for convenience, storage, and functionality over style. With smart packing and the right equipment, you are sure to be ready for anything that comes your way on your next trip!

What are THE essential travel accessories for you that we missed here?

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