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9 Must Dos for an Epic Week in Queenstown – Australia Travel

You’ve surely heard a great deal about Queenstown and how it’s the world’s adventure capital. Now maybe you’ve made up your mind to go and see what all the fuss is about and take on Queenstown yourself. The question is, do you even know how or where to begin having fun in Queenstown?Nine things to do in Queenstown that will keep you busy for at least whole Week in Queenstown.Take a look at this list of things to do in Australia travel

Australia Travel

Well, to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the finest heart-racing thrills that Queenstown has to offer, we’ve put together this concise list of 9 things YOU HAVE TO DO in Queenstown for a truly epic week. Are you ready? Let’s go!

  • Bungy jumping

Bungy jumping isn’t unique to New Zealand, but it can hardly be called an epic week until you have bungy jumped off the Kawarau Bridge or the Ledge Bungy. The Ledge Bungy is arguably one of the scariest jumps New Zealand has to offer so be sure to try it out. There’s also the Ledge Swing off a mountain for those a little skittish about bungy jumping.

  • Jet Boat Ride

Missing out on the Jet Boat Ride while in Queenstown means your experience isn’t complete. It’s an activity that’s unique to New Zealand so you really need to try it out to add to your collection of fun memories in Queenstown.

It involves cruising at high speeds on a fast and agile jet boat while you likely scream your head off. Take a ride through Shotover Canyon where you will be piloted by experts who know exactly how to get the biggest thrill out of the 20-minute ride.

  • The Ben Lomond Hike

This is a full day hike that will test your endurance and reward you with gorgeous views of Lake Wakatipu. If you are visiting Queenstown between November and March, this trail will be open for your enjoyment. Any other time of the year and the path will be closed due to heavy snow.

The hike will also provide you with wonderful views of Coronet Peak, the Remarkables, and more as you travel higher and higher. At the top of Ben Lomond, you won’t be able to stop yourself from taking photo after photo.

  • Go For A Scenic Flight Instead

If you enjoyed Queenstown from the ground, why not also try it from the air? There are a number of travel agencies that offer air tours over Queenstown at affordable prices. Insurance Air New Zealand recommends that you shop around a bit to ensure you get the best deal on a Queenstown air tour. While in the skies, you can sit back and enjoy a full view of the area’s magical mountain ranges. Make sure you have insurance that covers all the activities that you do as well.

  • Drive to Moke Lake

Wait for a day with perfect weather then pack food, drinks, some music, load it all into a rental car, and head on over to Moke Lake for a picnic. The drive on its own is a pleasure, and the destination is just perfect.

Moke Lake has gorgeous mountains on all sides and is ideal for some quiet, scenic hiking. It all together makes for a great day trip in Queenstown.

  • Eat at Fergburger

You can’t head all the way to New Zealand and leave without a good food story. While Queenstown is teeming with delicious options for all types of food and drinks, the truth is that food can be a bit pricey in the area. For food that delivers mouth-watering quality at a great price, you need to visit Fergburger. It’s an iconic establishment whose reputation is almost legendary. The burgers are huge, and you’ll likely be full before you are halfway done, but the deliciousness will keep you going to the last bite.

  • Go to Paradise

Paradise is a 20-kilometre drive after you pass Glenorchy. Paradise is a beautiful little village that looks like something out of a fantasy novel. There are no restaurants or shops, but gosh is it gorgeous to look at – stunning mountain ranges and rolling farmlands all covered with such amazing vivid colors.

The area featured in the film Lord of the Rings, so you know its beauty isn’t being exaggerated. If you are a fan of Tolkien and Peter Jackson, well here’s your chance to experience Middle Earth first hand.

  • Go Skydiving over Queenstown

Australia Travel

Visiting Queenstown for an epic week would be incomplete without skydiving. It’s one of the ultimate activities the area is known for and is practically the world’s skydiving Mecca! Aside from the adrenaline rush, the experience also offers insane views of mountains, lakes, and more that you definitely won’t forget.

  • Take A Sunset Cruise

After the rush of skydiving, you can step down with a quiet sunset cruise through Queenstown’s immense, beautiful Lake Wakatipu. Traveling the lake, you can view most of Queensland’s shoreline in 90 minutes. The view is especially extraordinary at sunset.

Well, that’s it for an epic Queenstown adventure! Don’t forget to check out The Remarkables, Coronet Peak, and Cardrona. The view from The Remarkables is especially stunning all year round.

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