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9 Important Traveling Tips For People With Chronic Conditions

Without a doubt, dealing with medication and various restrictions is not easy as you go through the things like blood sugar checks or having your inhaler always at hand if you have asthma, yet it should not make it impossible to travel. The trick is to stay prepared, rest plenty, have frequent checkups, and keep your travel outlook positive! By doing so, it will help you to stay safe and enjoy this life as you travel the world!You may need medical bags that carry the medical tools or supplies that for your chronic condition.Here’s 9 best tips For Chronic Conditions.

Chronic Conditions

9 Travel Tips For People With Chronic Conditions 

1. Have Your Documents Properly Translated. 

The most important is to remember about vaccination, allergies, chronic condition proof, and various insurance documents that you will always need. Remember to learn more about the top 5 medical documents that must be translated. Always consult with certified specialists before you translate anything and study the target country’s requirements.  

2. Have a Doctor’s Detailed Note. 

Your doctor’s note both in English and the foreign language will help you as you are dealing with the customs at the foreign airport. It should simply provide a readable note about your chronic condition with an explanation of what medical supplies or tools you can carry and why. It will save you a great deal of time and nerves! 

3. Manage Your Prescriptions Adequately. 

Talk to your doctor in advance about having enough medication for normal functioning or emergency cases. For example, if you are in some remote location or travel on a cruise ship, getting your medication can easily get challenging and overly expensive. Therefore, always plan this aspect if you know the duration of your trip. 

4. Always Have a Plan B. 

Always have an emergency plan just in case if some checked items do not arrive or take longer. It will save you from cases of major pains or special conditions when you need immediate help. Check the availability in the foreign pharmacies before you travel. 

5. Carry All The Necessary Items Along With You. 

Take all that is necessary even if you go out to buy some bread! It will save you from confusion and will make your travel much more enjoyable. Consider carrying a backpack always with you with all the medication. Do not forget about a bottle of drinking water and the basic hygiene supplies. 

6. Good Emotions Matter. 

Just remember about having enough sleep!  Eat well, rest, smile, and exercise! 

7. Plan Your Travel Schedule. 

It is always good when you can plan your travels in advance by checking the best hotel offers with relevant accommodations and the tourist sightseeing trips that are meant for people who cannot see it all in one day. The same relates to certain rental contracts and meetings that you may have if you travel for business purposes. Remember to check the translation services review to see what kind of linguistic help you may receive that may range from financial translations to medical assistance. 

8. Pack Only What You Need. 

Do not take those items that you do not really need. Check the weather forecast, talk to the locals via apps like HelloTalk, and learn more about the country! Sometimes less is more!

9. Carry Your Medical ID. 

It will help the emergency specialists quickly identify the possible issue or chronic conditions. You can wear it as a bracelet or have a special luggage card. 

The Free Luggage Check Aspect 

Chronic Conditions

Remember that if you choose Delta Airlines as one of the examples, you can have your medical bags checked free of charge as you carry the medical tools or supplies that you need for your chronic condition. It also saves you from various hassles and takes away the necessity of paying. You can consider purchasing a medical tag for your needs that speaks of your condition like “Insulin Supplies” or anything related to your specific heart condition. Always consult with your physician to keep your wording right. 


Merissa never misses an opportunity to travel and see the world as a researcher and international business consultant. She always shares interesting tips and information in her posts. Follow Merissa to get inspired and learn something new as you plan to travel. 

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