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8 Tips For Planning A Romantic Getaway In Gatlinburg

mountains trees and fog in gatlinburg

People in relationships are often concerned about choosing the most wonderful destinations for planning the ultimate romantic getaway with their partners. So, where should you head to while organizing a love-filled trip with the person you cherish? We suggest the Great Smokies as the perfect location where two lovebirds can share intimate moments in seclusion and enjoy different activities together. Several people arrive at Gatlinburg when attempting to escape the monotony of their lifestyles. Wanting to seek some privacy with their partner, these tourists choose Gatlinburg as the ideal place for the lovely getaway they’ve been planning. Want to give your partner a surprise? Book a trip to this amazing downtown in the Appalachian homeland. Let’s give you some more tips about making this trip fun!

How to plan a romantic Gatlinburg getaway?

Located three hours from Charlotte and four hours from Nashville, Gatlinburg welcomed more than 12.5 million vacationers in 2019. Whether you’re from the neighborhood or not, this resort town’s worth the time for a romantic getaway during the post-COVID era. Autumn’s leaving, and the summer’s calling folks from all over the country to rekindle their devotion to their sweethearts right in the middle of the Great Smokies! With different attractions scattered everywhere, a journey to Gatlinburg seems like the perfect getaway for lovebirds this summer.

If you plan to go, you should get a hotel or a holiday home with a hot tub in Gatlinburg, a must! I have a blog post about the best hotels with hot tubs in Gatlinburg, make sure you read it!

So, how should you plan this trip, and what should you include in such a journey? This article explores some options to make your Gatlinburg adventure as romantic as possible in 2022. Now, carefully read our below-mentioned tips or plan a romantic escapade with your love:

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Get a room with a view

Romantics should always start with booking rooms with scenic views for a romantic getaway. A person must consider cabin rentals in Gatlinburg that feature certain amenities your partner enjoys. People prefer to have chalets/cabins with hot tubs, game rooms, and swimming pools to ensure nothing’s missing to mark this trip as a romantic success. Have a motel with a balcony to marvel at the sunset every evening while sipping a wine with your love standing right beside you!

Go for a drive around town

How about a scenic long-drive excursion with your beloved sitting with you! Gatlinburg welcomes an affection-displaying couple to express their love for each other by taking a solo drive in this town as you explore previously untapped locations. You may try the Cades Cove Loop Road or take your love for an adventure on the Newfound Gap Road. View the yellows and oranges of Gatlinburg while you’re spending some quality time with the love of your life. But don’t drink and drive, mind you!

Try to sample wine and moonshine

Gatlinburg is home to several wineries that produce amazing alcoholic beverages, and tourists gather to give these drinks a taste properly. Exploring the Rocky Top Wine Trail makes your romantic getaway even more exhilarating. Now, it’s up to you whether you’re ready to power through 60+ wineries in the weekend or not! There’s another drink called moonshine, for which Gatlingburg’s famous. You must sample this drink while wandering around the Tennessee neighborhood with your lover.

Plan a visit to the park

Remember to visit the Great Smoky Mountain National Park when you’re walking around in Gatlinburg. Don’t forget it’s the most visited park in the United States. In 2021, over 14 million people visited this natural national wonder. Enjoy the natural beauty of the American heritage with your beloved. If you like to go on a hike, take the famous Alum Cave Trail, featuring several scenic mountain views. Take as many pics as you can to remember these walks with your partner. These walks make this trip more romantic.

Try to cook a meal together

Which activities do couples normally engage in to express their love? Besides what you’re guessing, a couple can cook a gourmet meal together to express their affection. Many Gatlinburg cabins are equipped with cooking utensils along with a well-furnished kitchen where you can try those recipes your partner watches on YouTube. It’s time to prepare a romantic meal together and strengthen your bond. Try some seasonally appropriate dishes while you’re in Tennessee.

Spend your afternoon at Anakeesta too

Don’t forget to visit the well-known Anakeesta theme park in the middle of the Great Smokies. Your romantic escapade should include a visit to this Gatlinburg-based location that’s appropriate for all ages. The trip begins with you riding a chondola with your partner to reach the top of the mountain. Once you’ve reached the peak, spend your time strolling around, shopping, or watching people have fun. But it gets even more interesting at night when you watch the town of Gatlinburg below you.

Give the Skylift Part a visit

Couples should include a visit to the Skylift Park during their romantic getaway. Climbing this tower via an elevator can take you 500 feet above the ground. Once you reach the top, the place’s known as Skydeck, where you can have a wonderful evening with your beloved. Also, consider observing the famous Skybridge, famous for being one of the most gorgeous romantic attractions in Gatlinburg. An incessantly romantic evening awaits you in the Skylift Park when visiting with your partner.

Climb the top of the Needle

Nobody visits Gatlinburg only to forget about climbing the Needle! This 407-foot tower lets you see the town in all its might and glory. Visit the Space Needle with your partner since sightseeing can be more romantic than you imagine. After finishing the dinner, take your love on a nighttime stroll. Get a 360-degree view of the town you’re visiting. Visiting the Needle is the perfect finale to a delightful getaway you’ve spent with your love. That’s how you can make this trip memorable for you two.


A 2012 Courtyard by Marriott survey indicates that 70% of American couples complain about not getting away enough as a couple. Love gurus believe couples deserve at least two vacations annually along with two weekend-long trips. We suggest couples head to Gatlinburg to reawaken their affection while enjoying a retreat in the bosom of the Great Smokies. Start by renting a one-bedroom cabin in the place. Once you’ve reached Gatlinburg, spend your time cooking, watching the sunset, and driving around the town. Explore the Skylift Park and stroll across the National Park. Moreover, don’t forget about an evening visit to local wine-tasting events (or consider tasting some moonshine!). Spend your nights with your beloved, and that’s how you can effectively spend your time romantically in Gatlinburg this year.

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