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8 Tips for Eco-friendly Tours

Touring the ocean is a lot like touring the land, but there are a variety of things to consider prior to embarking on your watery vacation. For instance, making sure you have the right sunscreen and camera equipment are two tips that will ensure your birding or vacation on a wildlife destination is painless and memorable. Top recommendations, advice, and tips for having the best Eco-friendly travel on your adventure vacation.

However, some specific tips to make your tour enjoyable involve lots of preparation. Another involves leaving your nervousness at home. For instance, if you prepare properly, you will be able to handle all the paddling and standing required for this type of activity. Additionally, when it comes to Eco Tours Noosa, if you leave your fear at home, you can have an amazing experience with wildlife and learn new activities.

Eco-friendly Tours

Advice for Going on Eco-friendly Tours

1. Training tours and surfing classes

Because your time will be spent on the water, it is important for you to take full advantage of the training classes for each activity you plan to enjoy. For instance, if you have always wanted to surf, you should definitely sign up for lessons. You can learn to surf one of Australia’s most beautiful shores at Double Island Point. Known for Australia’s longest wave, these waters provide a safe place to learn in the company of experienced surfers. Similarly, if paddling is your interest, you can learn how to stand up on a paddleboard and glide alongside amazing wildlife, including beautiful turtles and joyful dolphins.

2. Private tour

To make your trip even more memorable, you should consider a private tour to ensure you are able to soak up all the amazing sights Honeymoon Bay and Double Island Point have to offer. You and your loved ones can take advantage of a completely personalized day designed by professional instructors and local guides. You can learn kayaking and surfing in your own private group and explore the awe-inspiring surroundings without being part of an enormous crowd.

3. Get in shape

Because your trip will be filled with outdoor activities, you should be sure to be in shape before you arrive. For instance, standing up on a paddle board may appear to be a rather leisurely activity, but it requires a lot of leg strength to remain upright. Similarly, if kayaking is your thing, you should be sure that your arms are ready for all of that paddling. Strong arms will allow you to effortlessly make your way across some of the most pristine shorelines Australia has to offer.

4. Small snacks throughout the day

There is nothing worse than running out of energy or trying to ignore hunger when you are supposed to be having the time of your life. Fortunately, snacks and refreshments are provided on tours. That said, you should keep in mind that you will be very active throughout your vacation, so it is important that you keep yourself fueled. To do this, you should consider bringing protein snacks, such as protein bars and nuts. You should also consider bringing along snacks that include complex carbohydrates, such as fruits or dried fruits. Finally, you can even bring along easily consumed vegetables like carrot sticks.

5. No touching the dolphins

Dolphins are one of the most beautiful and fun-loving mammals on earth. They are super social and love to interact with humans, swimming alongside paddlers and people in kayaks. In fact, if you want to ensure you see dolphins, you should consider the kayak tour located at the Great Sandy Marine Park, which includes both Rainbow Beach and Double Island Point. However, it is important to keep in mind that dolphins are wild animals. Although they are friendly, dolphins are much larger and heavier than humans. Because of this, it is best to enjoy them from the safety of your kayak. One of the first tips for wildlife watching is that, no animal touching.

6. Kite surfing: highly recommended

For anyone unfamiliar with kite surfing, it is a type of surfing that is powered by the wind. All you need is a kite, a board, and a bit of wind to experience a thrilling ride. This type of surfing does not require waves and can be enjoyed on the area’s crystal-clear and perfectly calm lagoons.

7. Bodycam

In addition to pictures, a great way to document your incredible experience is to use a body cam. In fact, a body cam can capture your trip in a way that still shots just cannot rival. Imagine using your body cam to capture exactly what you experience when surfing that big wave as the water crashes all around you. With that in mind, imagine taking a picture of that same scene with a smartphone. There is no comparison. If you want to relive your vacation, bring a body cam.

8. Book early

You should make sure to book your trip early. There is nothing more disappointing than realizing you have missed the opportunity to experience a once-in-a-lifetime trip just because you waited too long to book your trip.

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