Hotel Delivery – 8 Things You Can Get Delivered to Your Room

When you are in the hotel and relaxing, you would wish that you have hotel delivery for some amenities to your room. The hotel usually does not provide concierge service. However, you can have the items you need to be delivered to you by placing the order online or by phone.

The following are 8 things that you can get delivered to the front step of your hotel room. Eight things that most large hotels will gladly get delivered to your hotel room in case you need them. Here, you will know about hotel delivery.

Hotel Delivery

Hotel Delivery – 8 Things You Can Ask for Your Room


If you are hungry and need a bite, you can order some cookies. There are a lot of local cookie stores that would deliver to your hotel doorstep. If you don’t know of any local cookie store, you can go online and do research.

The hotel may also have a cookie store. If it does, you can call the receptionist at the counter and ask for cookie delivery to your doorstep.

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Many hotels that provide extended stay service have grocery delivery services. You can also order the groceries online at hypermarket stores like Walmart and have them delivered to you at your hotel. Alternatively, you can hire a personal grocery shopper to shop the groceries for you.


If you want to indulge in a piece of cake, you can get them delivered to you from the local bakery. You can search for cake bakeries in the hotel area in Google local search results. Then, phone them and ask if they can deliver to your hotel.

Usually, in the hotel, there is an on-site café that sells food and cakes. If your hotel has an on-site cafe, you can go downstairs to order some cakes and ask them to deliver them to your room.


If you want to buy some flowers, you can order it from an online florist. For example, if you want to deliver a bouquet of flowers to Israel for a friend, you can provide contact information such as name, address, phone number, and room number of the recipient to the online florist.

Many hotels have the policy of not revealing the information of the guest. Therefore, you have to call the recipient personally to find out about the room number.

Pet Grooming Service

You can call a door to door pet grooming service if your pet is dirty but you don’t know how to bathe and groom him. They will come to your hotel room to pick up your dog and return it after grooming.

It will be much less stressful than taking your dog to a groomer and be left in a cage for some time. With door to door pet grooming service, your dog will get one-on-one attention.

Ski Equipment

In case you want to go skiing, there are ski shops that would deliver ski gear to your hotel room. You simply booked the ski equipment online and they will deliver it to you within a few minutes. The equipment delivered to you is ready to use.

If you find that the equipment is the wrong size, the driver can go back to the van to bring the right size.

Ice Cream

You can also have ice cream delivered to your hotel. There are lots of ice cream stores that allow customers to order ice cream online. Additionally, you can also have ice cream delivered to you from food delivery service such as Food Panda.

Spa and Manicure Service

If you want to relax, you can call a spa center to provide a manicure service. Manicure service involves performing organic scrubs for hand and feet. They may also provide hand and foot massages for the customers.

With a mobile spa service, there is usually no fee to come to your hotel to provide the manicure service if it is within a certain distance.

Last Updated on November 2, 2023

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