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8 Reasons Why Tourists Love to Visit the Dominican Republic

There are many reasons why the Dominican Republic (or D.R.) is popular with tourists. There’s something for everyone to see and do in the island paradise. Here’s a look at some destination highlights.

#1 Food

The cuisine is excellent throughout the Caribbean. The island nations were influenced by the cultures of many early settlers. This includes slaves from Africa and Spanish explorers. The typical breakfast includes fried eggs, fried cheese, Dominican salami, and mashed plantains. The D.R. is best known for its spicy braised chicken and rice and beans. Don’t miss the traditional dessert habichuelas con dulce, a sweet bean dish. Call Transekur if you’re planning a trip. They’ll help with a host of travel arrangements. 

#2 Nature

Did you know whale watching was possible in the D.R.? The Bay of Samana is located in the northwest part of the island. Humpback whales come to the bay every year to mate. Tourists can see full-grown whales and their calves. The area is considered a whale sanctuary.

#3 History

History buffs will love the stories this island has to tell. Spanish explorers were the first Europeans to settle here. For example, Spain’s first settlement was Santo Domingo, the present-day capital. “Catedral de Santa Maria La Menor’ is thought to be the oldest cathedral in the Americas. Likewise, the Panteon de la Patria is an ancient Jesuit building. The building is thought to contain the remains of several prominent members of an early convent. Santo Domingo is designated a UNESCO World Heritage site.

#4 Rum History

Tourists must visit the Brugal Rum Factory in Puerto Plata. Andres Brugal started making rum here in the 19th century. Brugal learned to make rum in Cuba and started his own business in the D.R. Visitors are able to sample different types of rum. Remember, sampling starts early in the day.

#5 Golf

The Dominican Republic is one of the top golf destinations in the Caribbean. The island boasts courses designed by Jack Nicklaus, Robert Trent Jones Sr., and Tom Fazio. The Cap Cana resort is home to a 72 par Nicklaus-designed course. Holes overlook the sea and the jungle, beach, and bluffs are included in the landscape. 

#6 Baseball

The D.R. is second only to the U.S. in the number of players in Major League Baseball. Baseball is the national sport of the island. Indeed, the passion for the sport is amazing. The Dominican Baseball League holds a tournament every fall. The games are always accompanied by local food and music.

#7 Beaches

The Dominican Republic boasts some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Indeed, the island has more blue flag-certified beaches than any place in the world. An international organization awards this certification based on several environmental factors. Bahia de la Aguilas beach is all natural with no man-made touches. The D.R. has more than 800 miles of beaches. You don’t have to be surrounded by tourists. Rather, visit one of the many private beaches.

#8 Music

Dominicans love music, especially bachata and merengue. Tourists are likely to hear music blaring from every building. The people are also passionate about dancing and will likely ask you to join in.

Consider the beauty of the Dominican Republic for your next vacation. You won’t be bored as the island has so much to offer. This is a trip that should be on everyone’s bucket list.

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