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8 Places You Need to Visit if You Love Nature

Mother nature can rock so many different looks, it’s so easy to get jealous of her beauty. Lucky for us, the earth is an accessible playground, as long as you have the funding. With funding put aside, where would you go to behold the natural wonders of the planet are lucky to have?Eight places to visit for all of those nature and adventure lovers who want to travel abroad.Learn all about the top natural adventure.

We put together 8 places that every nature lover should visit in their lifetime. If you have a true love for nature and you want to experience some of the most interesting natural wonders of the world, make sure you take a look at these places along the way.

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Love Nature

8 Best Places to Visit for a Natural Adventure

1 – Vatnajökull – Iceland

If you have never been to Iceland, you are in for a real treat.  From the amazing food to the intricate architecture, Iceland has it all.  This is especially true if you are a nature lover who doesn’t mind the cold.  If that sounds like you, it’s time to look into venturing to Vatnajökull, an ice cap in Iceland.

This is where fire meets ice on planet earth, and the visual results are breath taking.Amidst the beautiful snow, ice caverns have formed due to lava from caped volcanic liquid. A multitude of hot springs and unbelievable mountains paint this country from left to right.  The results are almost otherworldly to see Iceland with your own eyes.

2 – Kyoto – Japan

Kyoto is known for it’s amazing bamboo forests and breathtaking landscape.  If you are looking for an other worldly nature walk, this is the place to do it.

Alongside this one of a kind natures cape, Kyoto is also home to many museums that house about a 5th of Japan’s national treasures.

3 – Namib Desert – Namibia

I’m sure we are all aware of the Tesla Mars missions, but did you know you can get a taste of the red planet on earth?  That’s right, all it takes is a quick trip to Namibia.

Okay, so I’m sure it won’t be quick, but Namibia has one of the most interesting deserts in the world.  The Namib Desert stretches from Angola, through Namibia, and even touches the top of the top of South Africa, and the landscapes are constantly changing.  From Moon-like hillsides to Mars-like sands, this desert is a sight to behold.

The final thing I wanted to point out about this desert are the living fossils called Welwitschia.  These shrub like plants are only found in the Namib Desert, so make sure you look for them!

4 – Cliffs of Moher – Ireland

If you are looking for a beautiful example of a mesmerizing cliff, here it is.  The Cliffs of Moher is Ireland’s most visited natural attraction, and it’s no wonder why.  The view is nothing short of spectacular.

They offer tons of guided history tours that let you really learn about the area, so it’s tons of fun for the whole family.

Love Nature

5 – Moravian Fields – Czech Republic

Rolling fields of green is something like a dream, especially when you see it in person.  The Moravian fields sit in the south east sector of The Czech Republic, and it’s an example of the world’s beauty that seems to miss the attention it deserves due to the interactions and mentalities that still loom after World War II has long since past.  So, if you’re an adventurous spirit, and you’re looking for a view you only see in movies and pictures, this is a destination to put on the list.

6 – Kauai, Hawaii – USA

Hawaii might be one of those places you need to see to believe, and that goes double for Kauai.  The oldest of the main islands of the State of Hawaii, Kauai is a natural adventure paradise.  The massive cliff sides and luxurious beaches are sure to capture your hearts. Be careful, you might not want to leave the place, it happens all the times.  If you do travel here, make sure your take a look at Kalalau Beach if you can.  It’s truly a sight to behold.

7 – Arizona – USA

The entire state of Arizona is beyond comprehension.  From the petrified forest to the Grand Canyon National Park,  Arizona has so much to offer the true nature lover.  The vast canyons and beautiful hiking trails make this an up close and personal experience with some of the most extreme terrain around the world.

There is plenty to see and tons to do, but make sure you bring a lot of water.  It’s hot there, especially in the summer months, and heat sickness is a real thing.  Staying hydrated is a must for this beautiful landscape.

8 – Waitomo – New Zealand

The Waitomo Caves are a one of a kind experience, and that is thanks to the mass concentration of glow worms in the caves.  If you love nature but you have a soft spot for space and sci-fi, you can’t miss this place.

They offer different types of tours, from walking to rafting, but you better book your spot because it’s popular.

For the real natural adventure seekers, make sure your check out the Black Abyss tour.  You get to explore the cave, tube on the water, and even climb a waterfall.

Nature Awaits

So, what are you waiting for?  Get out there, experience this amazing world, and see what there is to behold.  It tons of fun, and nature truly has unmatched beauty.

What are your favorite nature lover’s paradises around the world?  Share your favorite places in the comments below. 

Victoria Howes is an entrepreneur, traveler and consultant.  Follow her adventures at

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