8 Important Things To Know Before Planning a Trip With Your College Friends

College is the golden time of life. The only burden you have in this period is your college bag. Young adults have plenty of spare time at their hands, which they spend playing games or partying. One way of making the best out of this time is traveling.Planning a Trip With Your College Friends more organized and enjoyable. Let’s see some tips to make your trip a memorable one.

Traveling is something that helps groom your personality. It not only works as therapy but gives insight into people, places, and history, etc. As Mark Twain says, “I have found out that there ain’t no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them.”

College students do not usually spend time planning out things, but planning a trip makes them more organized and enjoyable. Planning a Trip With Your College Friends more organized and enjoyable. Let’s see some tips to make your trip a memorable one.

Planning a Trip With Your College Friends
  1. Travel Programs

Many colleges offer travel programs at fewer rates. The only problem is looking for such a program because most students do not even know that such programs exist. You can ask your seniors if they have any experience with them. Seek guidelines from them. It will help you save money that you can spend on exploring your destination.

  1. Choose Your Travel Buddy Wisely

If you are traveling with one or two people, then choose those with whom your interests align the most. You can do this by asking yourself; 

  • Has he traveled as much as I have?
  • Do I enjoy being around them?
  • Does he/she have similar likes and dislikes?

If you are an experienced traveler traveling with someone who is a novice, then it is likely he might be dependent on you for learning. Out of curiosity, he will ask questions and will blow up your mind. It makes traveling burdensome.

They say opposites attract, but this is not likely to be the case if you are someone who plans things discreetly and your travel partner is adventure-seeking, or if you are an early bird whereas he’s a night owl. You may end up in a fight and this will ruin the entire trip.

So it is best advised to choose your travel buddy wisely.

  1. Commitment Matters

Trip plans with some people can never turn out to be real. We know many of our friends who cancel all plans at the eleventh hour. So if you are traveling with your BFF, make sure they stay committed to their words. It is important because some hotels require you to pay in advance for bookings, which may or may not be refundable (I have a full blog post about asking for refunds to hotels, you should read it). Secondly, you may not like to travel with friends again if they do not keep their word.

  1. Plan Out a Schedule

Having a rough idea about how the time will be spent is important before setting out. You must discuss where you will go, which sites you want to explore, at what hotels you will stay, etc. All of these things must be sorted out among your travel buddies to avoid unnecessary arguments during your excursion.

  1. Trip Finances

We all feel awkward when someone pays for us. You should never put the entire burden of trip finances on one person. During the planning phase, everyone must agree on paying the same amount for financing the trip. The trip will be well managed in this way. Moreover, discuss with your friends what their dietary preferences and choices are regarding (vegan, keto, etc.) because this will greatly affect your pocket. 

  1. Private Space

If you are planning for a long trip then do remember not everyone will hang out with you all the time. Everyone needs personal space. They may read a book at night, or talk to their families, or friends, or simply want to spend some quiet time. Do not intrude in someone’s private space.

Likewise, you deserve space, too. Make sure you get it. If you are an author and are traveling to look for inspiration and ideas, you can always seek essay writing help from experts and widen your creative approach.

  1. It’s a Group Effort

Planning a trip is both easy and difficult at once. Do not sacrifice your studying time by doing all the work on your own. It should be a group effort where one should manage the budget and the other search about hotels, etc. Make your trip enjoyable by sharing the responsibilities.

  1. Keep an Emergency Kit With You

It is one of the major things young adults forget to take with them. In case, someone is injured, or experiences breathing problems with higher altitudes, or any other medical emergency arises, you must have an emergency kit with you. Add the first aid kit, a knife, glue, warm clothes, band-aids, and painkillers to your backpacker.


Life is all about making good memories, and the memories of a good trip last forever. Keep the tips in your mind to make the best out of your memorable time together.

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Last Updated on May 22, 2023

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