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8 Fun and Safe Things to Do in Miami During the Pandemic

You’d be hard-pressed to see the Things to Do in Miami in just a few weeks, but pandemic has made it even harder for tourists to experience.

However, with the help of progressive locals, Miami has done its best to perfectly combine warmth, fun, and safety in the following activities. If you’re making a trip to Florida, check out these COVID-Safe ventures.

Things to Do in Miami

1. Rent a Party Boat or Yacht

As long as you keep capacity to a minimum and maintain a social circle that’s fully vaccinated, you can enjoy an evening on a luxurious party boat in Miami.

A Party Catamaran loaded with water fun equipment can allow your party to fish, swim, or drink liquor far enough apart so as not to breach pandemic guidelines. You can even pull into a sandbar for some leisurely water play.

2. Bike Along the Boardwalk

COVID-19 guidelines state that it takes an average of 15-minutes to contract the virus, shorter in a non-ventilated enclosed area if you’re standing less than 6-feet apart.

While your risk doesn’t go down to zero while biking on the South Beach Boardwalk, it greatly reduces your odds. Plus, you can build some leg muscle while enjoying the sunshine and ocean air.

3. Get Takeout From Knaus Berry Farm

At Knaus Berry Farm’s bakery, lines typically extend all across the property, but they’ve stocked a smaller menu to encourage quick selection since the pandemic. What’s more, their commitment to maintaining protocol is top-notch, all things considered.

They’ll ask patrons to stay 6-feet apart while in line and aren’t shy about asking for vaccine passports or masks.

4. Shop at the Outdoor Malls

Miami has plenty of outdoor malls that offer a safe shopping experience for the whole family. You’ll see typical chains, like Earl and American Social, but Lincoln Eatery, one of Miami Beach’s most fancy food halls, has a patio that follows safety protocols.

While you’re at it, embark on an upscale shopping spree at Dolphin Mall, Merrick Park, or Bayside Marketplace.

5. Take a Trip to The Sunflower Fields

Hidden in the Homestead next to the Berry Farm lies a sunflower field that blooms six months out of the year. Not only will you get some cool pictures for your trip, but you’ll also be next to the best strawberry picking spot on this side of Florida.

If the sunflowers are nearing the end of their season, the adjacent farm will allow you to pick them or take some seeds for eating.

6. Go to the Fountain Plaza Open Air Theater

Although social distancing isn’t hard to do in a traditional movie theater, the enclosed space can cause many movie watchers to stay away.

You won’t have to avoid watching movies altogether because the Hard Rock Stadium opened an outdoor theater complete with seating, so you can eat while watching whatever is on the giant jumbo tron. Or, you can stay comfy in your vehicle.

7. Enjoy a Picnic in the Park

Picnics are a lot of fun and can easily be enjoyed with a small group of friends who are eager to enjoy some time in the sun with some food.

There is substantial evidence confirming that 10 minutes spent outdoors can lower stress, make us feel more energized, and increase our sense of purpose. After a stressful day, the Miami sunset will definitely make you feel more relaxed.

8. Visit the Vizcaya Gardens and Museum

The Vizcaya Villa once belonged to the American businessman James Deering, who made this historic site his home until the 1920s. This incredible mansion is full of artifacts from the past, like Renaissance-era furniture, paintings, and statues. 

Out in the gardens, you can enjoy the open air and beautiful flowers. Then, head over to the gift shop to cool yourself off from the Miami heat.

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