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8 Favorite Dishes of Indonesian Cuisine

Traveling to Asia for someone who is supposed to be a fascinating experience is a great experience with many new experiences. Crystal beaches, many star hotels with many benefits, surrounded by wildlife, and different religious beliefs, customs, and customs the most important feature of a trip to Asia is the Asian cuisine. Especially if you are traveling to this country, that’s why I have gathered some of the best dishes of Indonesian cuisine.

If you are planning a trip, to the Southeast of Asia and especially to Indonesia, spend time tasting local delicacies. Its capital, Jakarta, a city of millions of inhabitants, offers many tasting opportunities since it has been cataloged many times as one of the best cities in the world for food. Spend 2 days in the city before leaving for more exotic destinations and enjoy the main dishes of the Indonesian kitchen.

Rent a room in one of the 5-star hotels in Jakarta and start your delicious journey from this city. Eight of the best dishes that you can try when you travel to Indonesia. Take a look at this shortlist of Indonesian Cuisine.

Indonesian Cuisine

Indonesian kitchen is a great adventure, starting with colorful, exotic, and strange materials. Do not be afraid of the adventure, if you enjoy the food of Southeast Asia, you will be thrilled with Indonesian cuisine. There is so much to discover: From the vegetables to inoculate milk and spicy chicken croquettes to the black rice pudding.

8 Indonesian Cuisine Dishes

Beef rendang

This dish comes from Padang in Sumatra and you should know that the area’s food is famous for its rich and spicy flavor. The rendang, in particular, is the most famous curry of Padang, but without the broth, and is certainly not one of the daily foods, as it takes time and effort. Its secret is in sauce, which makes the calf particularly tender with cooking. There is also its dried version, which is kept until the next important celebration.

Indonesian Cuisine - Goat Satay

Indonesian satay

Satay is a meat-stick, which is either chicken, lamb, or beef that is cooked on charcoal, served juicily, and is combined with ketupat, chopped cucumber, onion, and pistachio sauce. It is a national dish and one can find it everywhere in Indonesia.

Fried rice

A dish that does not need recommendations and is widespread in various cuisines of the world, such as the Chinese kitchen, fried rice is one of the most common and favorite of all. It can be mixed with lots of vegetables, chicken, beef, seafood, and so on, but what makes Indonesian rice special is the use of sweet, viscous soy sauce called kecap manis and garnish with cucumber, carrot, and acar which is a pickled vegetable type. Nasi Goreng (fried rice) is also considered to be the Indonesian national dish.


Traditional meat soup contains broth and various ingredients that vary from place to place all over Indonesia. The most common form that is sold on the street as street food is the simple clean soup with chicken, goat or calf taste. In Jakarta, the soto soup has a sweet, creamy base with coconut milk. They usually use crisp, fresh onion, fried garlic, and as much sambal which is a hot sauce mainly made from chili peppers and can withstand.

Nasi Rawon

Made from veal broth, originating from eastern Java, Rawon has a dark, black color from the keluak fruit used, and its flavor is reminiscent of walnut. This dish is best enjoyed with a bowl of rice while being delicious, healthy, and gives you energy.

Nasi Uduk

Another Indonesian national dish, nasi uduk is fully aromatic, and the whole dish rotates around rice cooked with coconut milk and contains various kinds of meat, including vegetables. It is usually served with fried chicken, Tempe, omelet, fried onion, anchovies, and sambal, and is very popular as a lunch dish.


Also known as empek-empek, pempek is made with fish and tapioca (a starch extracted from the Cassava plant). It is a specialty in Southern Sumatra, served in a variety of shapes and sizes, while the most popular is the kapal selam which contains an egg in the middle. The pempek is sprinkled with shrimp powder and served with cuka, a darkened vinegar sauce, sugar, and chili.

Sweet Martabak

One of the favorite Indonesian desserts is sweet martabak, which is also in a salty version, like our famous crêpes. Its sweet version resembles a pancake filled with chocolate, pistachios, or cheese, while those who prefer it as a meal can fill it with egg, minced meat, etc.

Do not miss the chance to taste the cuisine in Asia with pure products that are abundant. You can also taste other types of Asian cuisine, such as Chinese, which has many similarities with the Indonesian and Thai ones. The only sure thing is you will enjoy every dish, which is always a reference point for each culture. There is no problem if you are not satisfied with the result; our love for a kitchen is something personal. Just dare to do it!

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