8 Easy Campervan Tips to Live and Travel Onboard

Are you a traveler that goes to extreme lengths to explore the world? Have you thought of living the life of only roads? If your answer was yes to both these questions, we’ve got something for you. Many people travel in camper vans and have even lived in them. However, there are some things you should remember. Instead of traveling in a car, you should try out camper vans. They are more equipped for long road trips. So, here are eight tips to get you started on living in camper vans.Eight tips that you can use to make your experience of living or traveling or a campervan a lot better.Check this out to find Campervan tips.

Campervan Tips

Camper van Tips to Live and Travel

1. Do Some Research

Looking up something is obviously really important. Find out about the types of camper vans out there. Don’t get too excited and be ready to purchase the first one you lay your eyes on. Love, at first sight, doesn’t work with camper vans. Look up some online and weigh your options. Keep how long a distance you’ll be going and where you’ll be traveling to in mind when searching for options. Websites like eBay are pretty useful for some quick research. Camper vans like the campers Dethleffs are great options too.

2. Rent for Beginners

If you’re a starter to camper vans we suggest you rent one first before making a splurge. This is so you can get a brief idea about what it’s like. Through the renting experience, you can see what’s best for you or even see if camper vans are for you or not. It’s not all people that can handle this sort of lifestyle. Although it might take a little more money, it’s definitely better than purchasing one and regretting it later.

3. Extra Costs

Don’t forget about extra costs you might have to pay. It is not only enough to pay for the vehicle, unfortunately. Depending on where you live, you will have to go through some legalities. Insurance is an important factor you have to consider and also road tax among other things. So don’t wait and plan ahead – click here to get the best deals on touring caravan insurance quotes.

4. Extra Gear

Regardless of how long you’re traveling for, just a bed won’t suffice. You have to think about clothing, cooking material, food storage, security, etc. these are not really extra but are very important for living in a camper van even if it’s for a vacation or road trip.

5. Home Life ≠ Van Life

Don’t try to live life on the van similar to how you do at home. You’ll just be frustrated finding things to do. Think about it, you planned this road trip for a reason. Spend less time on technology (you probably get network coverage anyway) and television. Play board games, sing karaoke with your family, listen to music or just spend time with the people you brought along.

6. Lifestyle Change

You wouldn’t want to walk into the camper van life with the mindset of becoming healthier. It won’t work. From experienced van travelers, this life didn’t really change them that much. Sure, they might have gotten a tad bit more productive but that’s it.

7. Plan the Drive

It’s important to plan your daily drive. Make a schedule and ensure you reach the destination on the given time. Driving at dark can be dangerous and we don’t recommend it. If you reach before sunset you should be good to go. Especially if you’re driving somewhere where streetlights are absent, we don’t encourage it.

8. Have Fun

A good time is the main objective. Make sure to take a chill pill and relax. You’re on vacation, so just enjoy yourself. Carry enough water, let someone (back home) know where you are from time to time. Also, don’t stress too much. It might ruin the holiday for you and your buddies too.

There you go, eight tips for the ultimate campervan life! Plan, pack, and get going for the best time. Keep preparation and fun on your mind at the same time and you should be okay!

Last Updated on January 23, 2022

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