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8 Amazing Log Cabin Holiday Destinations in England

Choosing where to go on holiday doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Whether you’re staying local or coming from somewhere else, choosing a log cabin holiday will connect you with nature and will humble you with the stillness of the Earth at night. Taking the opportunity to spend time in a cabin can help to reconnect with your inner peace that can be overlooked when caught up in the hustle and bustle of the work week. Choosing any of these cabins will transplant you into a world of tranquility where you can relax and choose from any of the activities available at the cabins or in the near vicinity.Eight of the best Log Cabin Holiday Destinations that you can find in the UK.Take a look at this article to learn destinations in England.

Belfry Log Cabin Thorpe-on-the-Hill, Lincolnshire

Large and comfortable, this cabin has vaulted ceilings with an open plan living area and floor to ceiling windows that brighten the interior and show off the vast landscape. The veranda is furnished with a table and bench, and has a private hot tub so that guests can take in their surroundings. Inside of the cabin, there is under-floor heating and general utilities like an electric oven, fridge, microwave, and washing machine. Guests are welcome to fish for free, or can take a half-mile walk down to the pub. Maximum luxury and comfort are available while guests enjoy the countryside and take part in recreational activities.

Destinations in England

Hazel Log Cabin, Dorset and Somerset
This is what you’d picture when you think of log cabin holidays. Exposed beams, a wood burning stove, and fireplace are all great period features that you can gaze upon, and on the outside there is a deck with a hot tub that makes this cabin the perfect place for a retreat. Electric radiators, electric oven, microwave, fridge, washing machine, and dishwasher are all modern amenities that can be utilized by the guests. This cabin can accommodate a large family or two smaller families and is the perfect place to take a holiday to enjoy sightseeing and other activities.

Woodpecker Lodge, Tattershall Lake Country Park
Set on Duck Lake’s edge, Woodpecker Lodge was designed to take in the surrounding scenery and countryside. There is a large, covered veranda at the edge of the lake that is furnished and even has a hot tub. This area is especially family friendly, boasting many water sports and activities as well as beaches. There is an on-site shop as well as a pub in walking distance. The washing machine is communal and coin-operated, but all other amenities are contained inside of the cabin. This includes a dishwasher, electric oven, microwave, fridge, and linens. Here, you can discover wildlife while still feeling at home.

Rothley Luxury Lodge, Northumberland
These lodges are positioned around a placid lake, and are complemented by a private hot tub on the veranda. Staying in a log cabin on holiday doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice comfort. The kitchen is fully fitted, the cabin itself is open plan, and you will feel cozy being warmed by the central heating system. The two bedrooms make the stay comfortable for a large family. If you choose not to stay on the lodge grounds for the day, nearby towns offer outdoor activities like golfing, mountain biking, and horse riding as well as some culture at nearby castles and ruins.

Lakeview No 6, White Cross Bay
Perfect for a large family, Lakeview is just that- a cabin with an amazing lake view. In the interior there is a fully fitted kitchen, a large living room, cozy sofas, and an electric fire. Outside, there are large common areas of grass that are perfect for having a picnic or playing with the family. The hot tub is tucked away onto the side of the deck, and is accompanied by patio furniture as well as a barbecue to be enjoyed and used by guests. After dinner, guests might feel the need to relax on the patio and observe the surroundings quietly, and that is totally okay.

The Lodge on the Lake, Windermere, Cumbria
The first thing to notice about the Lodge on the Lake is the huge wall of windows that give the most picturesque view of Lake Windermere. The stunning views are complemented by a cozy interior leading you into total relaxation on your log cabin holiday. Both families and couples will enjoy this cabin’s accommodations and location. It is just a 2 minute talk to a pub and shop and have easy access to many outdoor activities and areas to observe the natural beauty. Central heating and a fully fitted kitchen will help you to feel like you’re at home so that you can enjoy your stay to the fullest.

Derwentwater at Keswick, Cumbria, England, 1963

Athelington Hall Farm Lodges, Horham, Eye, Suffolk
The location boasted by this lodge is convenient for those that like to venture out but also for those that enjoy a peaceful time by themselves. Staying in, guests can savor the central heating as well as the private hot tub. If going out, the adventurer can visit museums and memorials, as well as a former WWII airfield. Just a short drive from town, this lodge will fill you with a renewed sense of love for the landscape.

Seafield Lodge, Warkworth, Northumberland
Perfect for a group of 5, the living space of this cabin is conducive to bringing everyone together to experience the joy together. The location of the Sea field Lodge makes easy work of viewing the sea. The furnished patio invites you to sit and hang out; while the cozy conservatory lets you admire the Earth’s beauty from inside. The village offers a golf course, sea fishing trips, and even beach rides. If interested in venturing a bit further, there is the castle that is claimed for fame in the Harry Potter series as Hogwarts School.

Whether going on a log cabin holiday is meant to help you get away from the hectic city life, or to just being you closer to family, these stunning cabin locations will cater to the likes of everyone. Usually just a short jaunt back to a larger town, these destinations will take you away from your normal life and let you absorb the wonderful landscapes and nature of the country.

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