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7 Wonderful Travel Inspired Interior Decor Ideas

Many people have the urge to go out of their homes and travel the world. So, they explore a lot. But ultimately they have to come back after some time due to different reasons. Here are some fantastic travel-inspired interior decor ideas.Here are some fantastic travel inspired interior decor ideas.

For example, homesickness, family urgency, collecting funds for the next destination, and many more.

So, when you are home, these unique travel-inspired decor reminds you of the places you visited and inspires you for the next trip.  Here are some fantastic travel-inspired interior decor ideas.

Vintage Map Canvas

Map I Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

When people having wanderlust are home, they think about travel destinations worldwide. So you can place unique original décor items at your house to satisfy your travel desires. For example, you can set up a national geographic map on canvas.

It will cover the entire wall of your room, and you can mark the destinations you want to visit with colored pins. It will remind you about the precious memories from your previous trip too. 

Introduce Colors that Represents Different Places

New York Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art


Every color reminds you of specific destinations. For example, green represents tropical green forests of Asia, Azure Blue represents the beaches of Greece, or Yellow illustrates the sunny weather of South America.

So when you think about any destination, the color automatically strikes in your mind. So a perfect way to bring travel-inspired home decor into life is to paint the walls of your room with these colors. You can then add a beautiful or unique addition to the wall, such as French antique mirrors, to really bring the room to life.  

Sometimes you do not want to see any particular color representing any place on the walls for a more extended period. In that case, you can paint the walls of a room with a neutral color and purchase the furniture with travel-inspired colors.

For example, if Morroco streets inspire you, you can create a great accent wall in the room with terracotta. You can decorate the walls with your best place. For example, the city wall art at ElephantStock offers a great way to update walls with a city of your choice. 

Travel-Themed Lighting

Travel Inspired Interior Decor Ideas


Lighting is an aspect that most of you forget while decorating a room according to the travel theme. But you can add a touch of culture from different places with the lights you pick.

Install lighting in your room that creates travel impressions. You can get personalized light fixtures per your travel lifestyle or buy lights representing the travel destinations you visited. 

If you love nature, then purchase a light fixture made of natural elements such as wood. Moreover, wooden lamps are nowadays in trend and give a vintage look to your room.

If your kids are travel enthusiasts, you can install lights in the shape of hot air balloons or toys.

Postcards a Unique Decor

Travel Inspired Interior Decor Ideas


Postcards are unique decoration items for travel-themed décor. Decorate the walls with a collage of postcards you have collected. These postcards can be your collection from different journeys, or they can be postcards sent by other people to you.

Frame these postcards and hang them individually to create a gallery wall, place them on a desk, or create a collage. There are different ways to use them as décor. It all depends on your imagination which method you want to adopt.

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