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7 Travel Games For Kids On Road Trips

Most parents fear traveling with their kids, be it on a plane or a car because it involves keeping them entertained throughout the journey.

It’s easy to keep the kids busy on a road trip with their iPads and other gadgets, or toys like the hexbug nanos. But you can make your road trips a way to unplug and connect with each other as a family by playing the following travel games which are entertaining for the kids and the adults too.

7 Travel Games For Kids On Road Trips

Road Trip Travel Games For Kids

1. Travel Scrabble

Scrabble is one of the most popular board games and since you cannot carry a regular scrabble on a road trip, a portable edition is designed specifically to keep it with you when you’re travelling.

Travel scrabble is foldable with a tile-securing platform to prevent letters from falling and being lost.

While being entertaining for your kids, travel scrabble is also educational as it improves vocabulary and promotes intellectual thinking.

2. Punch Buggy

You can’t let your kids carry their paintball pick and shoot their siblings for fun but you can let them punch each other but only lightly.

This fun game dates back to the 1950s and is often played by children. The rules are simple, whoever spots a Volkswagen Beetle on the road trip has to punch their partners and say punch buggy out loud.

3. Mad Libs

This word game is an amazing way to kill time during a road trip for both kids and adults. Mad libs also improve your kid’s vocabulary without compromising their fun.

All you have to do is to make sure the blanks in each sentence are filled with any word resulting in hilarious sentences.

Mad libs are fun and educational for kids as they improve their reading skills, promote imagination and creativity.

4. Travel Scavenger Hunt

This is another great card game for a team of at least 2 to 4. This game is played like a regular scavenger hunt but with cards and inside your car. The cards have certain objects or signs which you will find by looking outside the car window.

This game will keep your kids entertained for a long time while enhancing their cooperative and creative skills

5. UNO Cards

This classic card game is the best travel game and should be a must-have on your travel-game list. This game is also very popular among kids and is the simplest way to have fun with your kids.

UNO cards make a very convenient travel companion as they are very cheap and can be stored in your purse or your car’s compartment.

6. 20 Questions

This is another easy and fun way to keep the kids occupied and entertained. In this game, a player thinks of a place, thing, or a person and the other players get 20 guesses which can be answered with a simple yes or no until they find out what the player is thinking about.

Playing 20 questions on a road trip is the easiest way to spend time and you don’t require any equipment to play it. This game also helps your kids to bond with each other.

7.  Travel Spirograph

The genius mathematical game can be played by your kids wherever they go. It consists of six spirograph wheels, two pens and a notepad. The kids can draw spirograph pictures with pens and even fill them in with color pencils or crayons.

This is one of the best travel games as it’s lightweight and its pieces can be stored conveniently in a container.

These are a few games which you can invest in before a road trip with your kids to keep them entertained and reduce their screen time.

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