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7 Top Tips for Visiting Istanbul: A First Timer’s Guide

Istanbul is world-famous for its beauty; No-one can forget the first trip to Istanbul. Its sights, tastes, smells, and sounds create a wonderful feeling for all tourists. So those who have traveled to a place once will want to come here again and again. Its beauty fascinates and mesmerized everyone. Istanbul is famous for its beauty. Here are helpful tips mentioned below that are helpful for those visiting Istanbul for the first time.

Visiting Istanbul
  1. First Learn about Istanbul: 

We all know that Istanbul is in Turkey, but sometimes we make a silly mistake of thinking that Istanbul is a European city. There are very few cities located between two continents: Istanbul is one of them, situated between Asia and Europe. The style and influences of the two continents can be seen in this city, which makes the city more beautiful. The European-style streets and the Asian- style building have taken the city to another level. The Greeks first established the personality of Istanbul before the creation of Constantinople. Istanbul has lots of history. This city was the capital of different kingdoms, like Roman, Byzantine, Latin, Ottoman, etc. So we can see different cultures in one city. 

  1. Don’t try to see everything in Istanbul.

Istanbul is a big country, and it is impossible to imagine that you will see everything on your first trip to this country. Instead of rushing from one place to another, eventually getting exhausted, you should prioritize the sights by creating a suitable Istanbul itinerary. Istanbul, the city of dream, offers a mix of history and culture, so you have to decide which section you are attracted to most then try to visit half of the historic and modern parts.  Another tip would be to find out what tours you can visit using , and trying to target tours that you will be able to see multiple destinations during the day.

  1. Get yourself an Istanbul kart (Istanbul card).

Like many big cities across the globe, Istanbul made a revolution in its public transportation by introducing in 2009 the unique carrier called Istanbul Kart or Istanbul Card. Although it is uncommon, different from other countries’ transport, this public transport is as good and safe as private transport – so you should never be afraid to use it. It is as similar as the Oyster card in London. With Istanbul cards, you can get a card; you can easily use it when you get on the bus, tram, subway, etc. It is the best transportation option when you are in search of a hotel at Istanbul airport

The public transport token usually costs 5 liras. With Istanbul kart, it will be less than 3 lirasAnother good thing is that five individuals can use one Istanbul kart. So if you are a beginner in Istanbul, you can easily use this card and make your trip inexpensive. 

  1. Stay in the Old Town

Due to the unique geographical location of Istanbul, visitors can easily choose to spend the night of their choice in Asia or Europe. The Asian side is famous among tourists for its wide boulevards and lively nights. If you are a history lover, you may prefer to stay on the European side. Being close to all the significant sights means you have chosen the Old Town. Experts recommend you do this. While there are good bars and clubs in the Asian part, the Old Town restaurants will keep you entertained until late at night where you took advantage of the low prices of the nicest hotels and restaurants. 

  1. Get ready to haggle in the Grand Bazaar.

If you want to get top-quality products at an affordable price, then Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar is the best place for one of the world’s largest covered markets. 

The maze of alleys and stalls of the market make amazed and entertained you for a long time. You can choose every type of product like clothing, souvenirs, jewelry, furniture, sweets, decorations, and crockery. All items can be found under one roof. You should make sure what you’re looking for and how much you can pay.

  1. Get the museum pass.

A trip to Istanbul will be incomplete if you do not visit the museums and archaeological sites there. So it is imperative to keep the museum pass that you can quickly obtain from any historical site of the city. Or you can find it online. The pass can be utilized in selected museums and archeological sites around the country. Or if you want to visit the museum in Turkey, then you need to get the regional museum pass

  1. Download the travel app of Istanbul:

These travel apps are extremely helpful for both people who are first-time visitors of Istanbul and those who frequent travelers. It helps to make the trip easier for all travelers. So before visiting the place, you should download this app for traveling around Istanbul.

If you are the first visitor, then these six tips will help you a lot. But there is one more thing you need to be aware of: Istanbul Traffic. Traffic in Istanbul is chaotic, and the place can be worse during peak hours. So, if you wish to go for a short-distance trip then walking is the best option, instead of spending a long and unnecessary time in traffic. 

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