7 Top London Restaurants For Special Occasions

Special occasions call for good food. It’s something out of the ordinary, to celebrate days which don’t happen often. Birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, a breakup from a toxic relationship, a new promotion – whatever special occasion, that definitely warrants a celebration! Special occasions call for good food. If you’re in London, you can book yourself a table at 7 top London Restaurants For Special Occasions.

London Restaurants For Special Occasions

‘The best’ can often be a matter of personal preference, depending on what type of restaurant you’re looking for in London. Something more casual, like a pub? Or do you want a dressier, more formal restaurant? What cuisine are you keen on having? London is London, and there’s certainly not going to be a shortage of restaurant ideas.

Whether it’s for having the best views in London, or the best local offers, these Kensington, Soho, and Belgravia restaurants, to name a few, are worth booking for any of your special occasions.

  1. Bayleaf Restaurant

London Restaurants For Special Occasions
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London is known to be a melting pot of different cultures and races. So, it’s not surprising to have loads of restaurants which offer various kinds of cuisines. Bayleaf Restaurant is one of those, serving Asian and Indian cuisine in London.

Bayleaf has a long-standing history of being operative for 25 years now. With their restaurant in Whetstone, you have that assurance that the food and service they present you with is second to none. This makes it one of the top London restaurants, for special occasions.

How often is it that you actually allow yourself to indulge in Indian cuisine? If it’s not something you think of having regularly, it’s definitely one worth considering during a special occasion.

  1. Bustronome

While it’s not necessarily a party bus, Bustronome is still quite close. You can book the entire bus and make it a day to remember with your closest family and friends.

How it works is you can choose the time slot you prefer. You can be served either lunch, afternoon tea, or dinner. Bustronome is one of London’s best restaurants, both for the food and the experience. While enjoying your meal, you’re also driven around a tour of London’s tourist spots.

This is also a great idea if you’ve lived in London for a long time, and you have family and friends from your home country visiting you for a special holiday.

  1. Scarlett Green

Third on this list is Scarlett Green in London’s Soho area. If you’re a vegan, you’re well taken care of there as they have lots of vegan meal options on the menu. For night celebrations, you have the best of both worlds with an after-party right after dinner, all in one place, with its exclusive DJ. Craft beer and Australian wine are the booze of preference served at Scarlett Green.

The entire vibe in this London restaurant is actually the Australian coffee culture. The interior itself is very artistic, giving you and your besties a whole lot of photo opportunities. It’s definitely going to be a celebration you’ll remember.

  1. Endo At The Rotunda

This is London’s most special room in town. Formerly the BBC TV center, now, this Bond’s villain eyrie gives you a perfect view, overlooking the whole of West London. If you’re looking for the best Japanese food in London, then Endo should be your top choice.

The omakase? It’s the best, coming from no less than the sushi master Endo Kazutoshi. If you’re lucky enough to book yourself a room, you’ll understand what all the fuss is all about.

  1. Theo Randall At The Intercontinental

Theo Randall at The Intercontinental is posh, exclusive, and fine, in all ways a fine dining restaurant should be. Strategically located in Mayfair, there’s so much you can do before and after your meal, all within walking distance.

Owned by and named after famous chef Theo Randall, it boasts impressive dining rooms and a delicious set menu. Coming in highly recommended are its truffle specials. 

  1. Sachi At Pantechnicon

Sachi at Pantechnicon is one of London’s newer restaurants, but it’s just as competitive as the more established ones. While largely inspired by traditional Japanese touches, it also has some Nordic touches.

Diners at Sachi love the Scottish hand-picked shellfish, now served as sushi, right at Sachi’s sushi counter. With its cozy interiors, pleasing aesthetic, and lighting, dinner at Sachi also makes for a very romantic experience. 

  1. Kiln

This last restaurant on the list is at a mid-range price, making it more affordable. You can still enjoy a fine meal on any special occasion without splurging too much. If you fancy Thai dishes for your celebration, Kiln is the place to be in London.

The true crowd-pleaser on their menu is the Myanmar-spiced short-rib curry. Be sure to order that on top of any of its other specials.


With London restaurants slowly being back to full operations again, perhaps now you’d like to consider booking a resto for your special occasion. Give those parties and dinners at home a break, now that social life outdoors is slowly underway. When you’re in London, you’ll never run out of ideas for the best restaurants, starting with those listed above. Now it’s up to you to narrow your choices down based on your personal preferences.

Last Updated on April 22, 2022

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