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7 Tips To Plan Your First RV Trip

If you are someone who dreams about exploring the countryside and being away from the hustle and bustle of city life, an RV trip is something you should strongly consider.But, an RV trip is not something you can take last minute. It requires prior planning and thorough research to make sure everything goes smoothly.RV trip requires prior planning and research to make sure everything goes well.Here are a few tips to plan your very first RV trip error-free.

First RV Trip

1. Buy Or Rent RV from a Reputed Company

If you are planning to buy or rent your RV, make sure you do so from a reputed company who provides good services.

Renting can be considered for people who are planning to use their RV once or twice in a year.

However if you are planning to use your RV several times a year or you are a regular traveler, buying one is the recommended option. 

Knaus will be one of the best options for new campers. You can find good quality  new campers Knaus models on

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2. Book Your Campsite

It is strongly recommended to book your campsite in advance especially if it is high season.

Many places like natural parks require you to reserve your spot in advance. If you want a spot which is very popular you will most probably not get it if you don’t reserve it ahead of time.

Do your research and check when campsites start opening up their reservations.

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3. Practice Driving Your RV 

Driving an RV is more challenging compared to normal vehicles since you will be backing up a motorhome or trailer.

You need to become comfortable behind the wheel of an RV for both your and the passengers’ safety.

To prepare for your RV trip you can take a few driving courses and practice driving in wide, open spaces.

Practice turning, parking and other essential maneuvers.

While driving an RV,

  • Make sure the side mirrors are properly adjusted so you can see the maximum amount of space on each side. This is important because the blind spots in an RV are much larger than they are in a car.
  • Adjust the driver’s seat in such a way that all the important buttons and controls can be easily accessed.

And, in case you want to power up your RV, you can take help from Cleetus McFarland YouTube videos on trailer.

4. Bring An RV Toolkit

By no means should you forget to bring an RV toolkit. 

You should be well equipped for incidents which you might not anticipate like a flat tyre or a loose side view mirror.

Given below are some basic tools you should include in your RV toolkit.

  • Air compressor – Air compressors help you check your tire pressure and keep your tyres at the recommended pressure at all times. 
  • Tool Wrap – Keep essential tools like screwdrivers, pliers, flash light, pocket knife, spirit levels, wrenches and other electrical or air tools for easy and quick accessibility.
  • Jumper Cables – Make sure you go for heavy gauge jumper cables since you need cables which are capable of transmitting enough electrical current to jumpstart your RV in case of emergencies.
  • Multimeter – A multimeter will come in very handy if your RV starts encountering electrical problems. 

5. Locate Sewage Dump Stations

Dump stations are sites which are designed for safe disposal of waste from RV’s.

The thing is, you can’t just dump your RV waste anywhere you like.

It is important to know and locate the dump stations in your route as well as their operating hours and the fee they charge.

You can do a quick Google search to find out the dump stations near your site, or call ahead to the campsite or RV campground.

6. Make An RV Packing List

Don’t wait until the last minute to start packing for your RV trip.

In the rush to get everything packed, you will most probably forget a few important things which will be difficult to purchase later on in your trip.

Make a detailed packing list of everything you will need including clothes, cookware, toiletries, food, batteries, devices, tools and other essential items.

7. Enjoy The Sunrise

Enjoy every sunrise like it’s your last.

Wake up early in the morning, take your coffee and breakfast outdoors and watch the sunrise with your loved ones.

Trust me these are the moments which you will treasure the most after your trip.


If you know someone who has taken RV trips before or is a seasoned pro, you can ask for advice and get a few valuable tips from them.

Finally, don’t forget to enjoy the actual experience!

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