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7 Tips to Plan the Best Holidays in Fiji

Fiji is one of the best places in the world to visit, with its beautiful beaches and crystal-clear water. It’s also great for families and groups of friends who want to travel together, as there are plenty of activities suitable for both children and adults alike. If you’re planning on going on holiday to Fiji soon, read on for some handy tips that’ll help make sure your trip is a success:

Tips to Plan a Holiday in Fiji

  1. Book Your Flight Early

When it comes to booking your flight early, there is no downside. Booking early allows you to take advantage of flexible cancellation policies which can save money on airfare and accommodation. For example, if you book a last-minute flight during the peak holiday season in Fiji, chances are that your airline will charge a cancellation fee. If you had booked several months in advance and need to cancel because of an emergency or illness, then most airlines will waive these fees.

You also get more flexibility when choosing seats when booking early. You might even be able to request an aisle seat if one happens to become available closer to departure time. And one more thing, when you book early for holidays in Fiji, hotels often offer special deals for hotel rooms so check out the offers before committing yourself to anything else.

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  1. Book a Holiday Package Online

Book a holiday package online. You can save money by booking a holiday package, as it includes flights, accommodation, and activities all in one place. This is often cheaper than flying and staying separately, and you won’t have to worry about organizing your trip.

Find the right Fiji holiday packages for you. There are many different types of packages available out there, so make sure you find the one that suits your needs and budget. Some include tours around Fiji’s islands, while others include accommodation only with no transport included.

Enjoy your trip stress-free. When planning a trip from home to a new location, it’s easy for things to go wrong – especially if traveling internationally, where language barriers can cause confusion when trying to communicate with taxi drivers or tour guides abroad (and don’t even get us started on currency exchange rates). With our exclusive range of flight/accommodation/entertainment packages under one roof, take care of everything so all you need to do is enjoy yourself.

  1. Bring Your Shoes

Besides the usual things to pack for a beach trip, the first thing you should pack for Fiji when planning your trip is shoes. This may seem obvious, but it’s important to mention because there are some specific things you will want to consider when choosing which shoes to bring.

  • Avoid flip-flops or sandals, the beaches are rocky, the water can be cold, and rocks and coral can hurt your feet if you step on them without proper protection.
  • Bring closed-toed shoes that have a good grip in case you encounter any slippery surfaces like wet stone steps or puddles of rainwater on the street (yes, this happens).
  • Take at least one pair of hiking boots for hiking in the jungle (you’ll see why below).
  1. Stay in a Resort or Hotel

The first thing to consider when planning your trip is whether you want to stay in a resort or hotel. Both options are great, but some differences between them will help you decide which one is right for you.

Resorts: Resorts offer a lot more activities and tend to be more family-friendly. They also have better food than hotels, but they’re often more expensive. In addition, resorts are generally quieter than hotels and may have stricter rules about noise levels after 10 pm.

Hotels: Hotels can be cheaper than resorts, as well as offering slightly lower standards of accommodation (as long as you don’t mind sharing bathrooms). However, they’re usually larger than resorts so they might not feel very intimate if there are lots of guests staying at the same time.

  1. Be Flexible with Your Dates

You should be flexible with your dates. You want to get the best price, right? Well, flexibility is key to finding a good holiday. If you’re flexible, you’ll have more options available. And if you’re not flexible, you’ll miss out on opportunities.

So what does this mean for planning your holidays in Fiji? It means being open to traveling on different days than expected or even during times that aren’t typically considered “peak tourism season.

  1. Book Your Flights in Advance

Book your flights in advance, as soon as you have decided on the dates of your stay. This will not only help you to get the best flight deals but also save time and effort. You can choose from a variety of airlines and destinations, making it easy for you to find your perfect holiday destination. If you are traveling with a group, book early and get a group discount which makes it even cheaper.

  1. Be Ready to Catch the Sun

When you’re on vacation, it’s easy to forget to protect yourself from the sun. While Fiji is known for its fantastic beaches and beautiful weather, it can still be just as hot and bright as other tropical destinations. To avoid sunburn or worse and help prevent any damage to your skin make sure you are prepared with sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses.

Don’t forget about hydration. Fiji’s climate is warm year-round so make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day even if it seems like overkill because dehydration can lead to heatstroke which could have serious health implications later on in life if not treated properly.


Hope this article has helped you to plan your holiday in Fiji. It’s that no matter what happens on your trip, it will be the best one yet.

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