7 Tips On Planning A Helicopter Sightseeing Tour

Surely we don’t have to discuss the hassles that come with getting around in a city. Especially in dense cities such as New York, alternative travel methods like bike rides have shown to be more convenient. Even public transportation can be somewhat of a headache given that they have their schedule to operate under. That said, what if we told you that there was a way to skip all of these headaches without having to pay for a plane ticket. This unique travel method can be seen by taking a helicopter ride. While they might be a bit more costly than other travel methods, by all accounts, they are worth more than what you pay for.Follow these seven easy steps to be able to have the most amazing experience during a Helicopter Sightseeing Tour – Luxury travel

More specifically, helicopter sightseeing tours are slowly but surely becoming the go-to travel method for many people. Not only do these tours allow you to efficiently travel from one location to another, but they also ad spectacular views that no other travel methods can say they have. However, planning for helicopter sightseeing tours is just as important as anything else. This serves the purpose of ensuring you have the smoothest and most convenient ride possible. With this in mind, here are seven tips on planning a helicopter sightseeing tour.

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Helicopter Sightseeing Tour

How to Plan a Helicopter Sightseeing Tour

#1: Dress Warm

One of the most commonly made mistakes when planning for a helicopter sightseeing tour is not dressing warm. This same rule applies to both open door and closed-door helicopters. The reason for this is that weather temperatures are naturally colder the higher in the air you are. That said, don’t be fooled by a bright sunny day. It gets chilly up there.

#2: Factor In The Flight Time

The time of your flight is also another factor you might want to prepare for. This is more so for people who are taking this travel method to skip over traffic or public transportation waiting times. Overall, keep in mind that a flight is not like a taxi in that you can just ask the driver to speed up.

#3: Consider Where The Flight Will Drop You Off

The thing about local helicopter flight Brisbane tours is that most of them are designated to only a few landing spots. In other words, unless there is an emergency, a helicopter tour will only drop you off where they are scheduled to do so. In the event you are on a tight schedule, the specific location where they will drop you off might not be the most convenient place.

#4: Make Pre-Flight Seating Arrangements

The seating arrangements on a helicopter is one of the most overlooked parts of planning. We have to remember that a helicopter is limited to a maximum of three guests. The other spot is designated to the pilot. While this might not seem like that big of a deal at first, there is absolutely no room for changing seat mid-flight. Make sure this is handled before booking a flight so that everyone is comfortable and safe during the flight.

#5: Book Your Flight At Least 2 Weeks Ahead Of Time

As far as booking is concerned, make sure you book your flight at least two weeks ahead of time. For tighter schedules, no flights should be booked outside of a week. The main reason for this is because helicopter tours have to adhere to flight patterns and schedules in the surrounding areas. Depending on these factors, you might not be able to get a ride at all of the surrounding flight environments that are too crowded. As we can see, booking ahead of time gives you some room to avoid these factors and get your flight in between them.

#6: Be On-Time To Your Scheduled Flight

On your flight date, it is necessary to be on time. Once again, we have to remember that other flights are going on in and around you. These flights are not going to stop their schedules just because you are late for your flight.

#7: Bring A Camera

Last but not least, don’t forget to bring a camera. Even if you have a rather short route and flight time, it never hurts to capture the amazing aerial views from up top.

Last Updated on February 28, 2023

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  1. It’s nice that you pointed out how helicopter ride tours are slowly but surely becoming the go-to travel method for many people. My friends and I are planning to hang out next week, and we are thinking of doing something that we haven’t done before. This time, we should probably try helicopter sightseeing tours.

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