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7 Things to Know Before Traveling To Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is one of the unique nations in the world and has been the best that you would ever want to go with if you are looking to study the roots of Islamic culture. Home to the sacred Islamic cities Mecca and Medina, It has been one of the unique destinations when you think of travel needs. However, there are a few things you need to give a thought to if you are planning a visit to Saudi Arabia.Seven tips on what to do and what not to do when traveling to Saudi Arabia.In this blog post, you will find info of traveling to Saudi Arabia

Culturally, it is quite different from the rest of the world, and it would be essential to check out a few options before you can actually opt for packing your bags.

Traveling To Saudi Arabia

Tips for Traveling To Saudi Arabia

Check your visit and its purpose

So, why exactly are you visiting Saudi Arabia? That would determine the need for the right type of documents and visa. These would be dependent upon the exact reasons you are visiting the region. The Saudi Arabia visas may not be much easy to get, and you need to abide by a few pointers before you can take a specific decision.  Make sure you have all the necessary documents, an approved Visa for traveling and ensure that you have enough cash to handle the costs.

Dress in a respectful manner

Saudi Arabia has an undisclosed dress code. That would be more precise if you are a female. You would need to be conservative in your dress sense. Make sure your clothes cover arms, legs, and chest in an appropriate way. Females need to be more careful with your choice of dress because exposing your legs or chest may make you end up in jail. Moreover, yes, do not wear traditional Saudi apparel just to make an impression. You may end up picking an argument. Wearing Saudi traditional wear by a non-Saudi can be considered an insult.

There are several items that are prohibited

Saudi Arabia has a huge list of items that have been marked to be not okay to carry in the region. Some specific references would include pork, adult content, non-Islamic items, and alcohol. The rules governing the behavior are quite strict, and you are expected to abide by all of them. Carrying the prohibited items can be much serious offense and you may either end up in jail or even get killed. Nothing that goes against Islam is considered haram and you are facing the ire for it!

Photography may be another crime

No, we are not joking! Photography is something the Saudi residents look with a leery manner. Of course, you can indulge in simple photography experiences, but if you are planning to save your Saudi tour in your memories through photographs, it may not be a great idea. There is an undeclared national ban on photographing the palaces, government buildings and of course, mosques. Bringing a camera to Saudi Arabia can be a nightmare even if you photograph a local, as it treated to be street harassment.

Are you fond of parties? Saudi has no way you can enjoy it!

There is practically no nightlife in Saudi Arabia. Partying hard is entirely out of luck here. There are cinema theaters, drama houses, no night clubs and nothing that you can party hard and spend the night out. These things are considered to be taking people away from the teachings of Islam. So much so that you can not play music in public. You are expected to be back home or hotel early enough.

It is severely Hot

Yes, Saudi Arabia belongs to the regions where the heat can be quite exasperating. The temperatures can soar as high as 50 degrees C. Make sure you wear white clothes as much as possible and carry plenty of water bottles with you. Moreover, yes, the price of drinking water may be quite high. Of course, the supply is determined by the demand! Take necessary precautions if you want to stay safe from the issues of sunstroke or similar heat-related issues.

Hospitality is their virtue

Saudis have been considered to be the most hospitable and friendly people in the world. The official guests are always welcomed with open arms and provided plenty enough. If you are lost and trying to find the way, people try to be as much help as would be possible. Of course, the language can be a problem, but if you opt for the right type of apps, it may be helpful in more ways than one!

Those were a few tidbits you would find the best options to work through if you are planning your next vacation to Saudi Arabia. Take care that you are gelling well with them without giving an impression of being a nose poker.

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