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7 Reasons Your Next Trip Has to Be a South African Safari

Dreaming of going on safari? Make your trip of South African safari. Here’s seven reasons to head out on a safari in the southernmost part of the continent.Seven reasons why African Safaris are a great option for your next trip.In this article, you will find the top South African Safari.

South African Safari

South African safari adventures have become to hottest vacation trend over the past few years. So much so that 3.5 million travelers passed through the ports in August off 2017 alone.  

Think that South Africa is just camping out in the wilderness and hunting big game? You’d be very wrong! As a country, there is so much more to offer, including a vast park protecting the nation’s much love wildlife.

Safaris aren’t your thing? No to worry, we have 6 other reasons why your next vacation should be to South Africa.

1. The Wild Life Safari

Let’s address the obvious one first. Say South Africa to anyone and the first thing they are going to think of is going on safari.

The Kruger National Park is the place to go to view the iconic landscape and natural wildlife. You can read more here about the tours you can take that trek across the 20,000 square kilometers of protected parklands.

You might get lucky and view the Big Five, that is the buffalo, leopard, rhino, elephant, and lion. Even if you don’t, you’ll still have a wonderful time sighting the warthogs, zebra, giraffes, and impala.

2. Family Friendly

How about taking your family to a theme park? The Gold Reef City Theme Park offers you an authentic 19th-century gold mine and vintage museum experience.

There is also a wide range of attractions so there is sure to be something to delight every member of the family. For those looking for more excitement than history, there are over 30 adventure rides.

3. The Wine and Food

South Africa is famous for the wine that is produced in the region. But did you know that the food is just as delectable?

There are wine estate, festivals, and tasting selections to entice any enthusiast. Pair this with a visit to Cape Town, Knysna, Pretoria, Durban, or Johannesburg and you have yourself a full-on food and wine experience.

4. The Beautiful Climate

Prepare for it to be sunny on your trip. South Africa enjoys about 300 sunny days a year.

Cape Town is going to give a Mediterranean type of climate. It has hot and dry summers with mild and wet winters.

Open Air Activities

Plan to do a lot of open-air activities while on your trip. Everything from your safari to your visit to Table Mountain will have you outside and enjoying the fresh air.

5. Rainbow Country

No, we aren’t talking about the colorful apparition in the sky after a good rainstorm. We are talking about the melting pot of cultures you will experience.

People from Asian, European, and African countries have all made a way of life and home in South Africa. Thanks to this, you get to experience a unique mix of cultures from all over the world.

In one store you could buy samosas, cured biltong, and coffee with a scone. This diversity adds to the rich flavors of the food we mentioned earlier.

6. Easy to Travel About

Despite its vast size, there is a top-notch infrastructure in place for commuting from one region to another. Consider hoping one of the many flights throughout the day.

Or use the well-maintained streets to zip around town before jetting off to the next destination.

The Blue Train

Looking for something a little less conventional? Take a 27-hour train ride from Pretoria to Cape Town. Enjoy a lavish and relaxing ride in the private compartments.

Each room comes with either a built-in shower or full bathtub. Each of the two single beds in the rooms also fold away to give you an informal entertaining area.

Then make your way through the train, stopping to browse the gift markets with jewels. Or you could settle into a chair in the smoking area to enjoy a refreshing drink.

7. The Natural Wonders

Be sure to add the Cango Cave to your itinerary. Located in the Swartberg Mountains, it’s more than 20 million years old. These solid limestone chambers are an unforgettable experience.

Instead of caves, how about visiting Table Mountain? It’s one of the most recognized natural wonders of the world thanks to its flat top, which is how it got its name.

At 3,560 feet high it will take you a day to hike to the top. Or you can take a 5-minute cable ride if you are of the less active sort.

Victoria Falls

Book a room at the Victoria Falls Hotel and overlook the 108 meter tall and 1688 meter wide waterfall. This global landmark should be a must-see on any traveler’s itinerary.

The hotel is a wonder in itself as it has been in operation for over 100 years. It exudes an old world charm that you just don’t see too often these days.

Don’t think it lacks amenities though. It has recently been refurbished so it has all the creature comforts of a modern hotel.

Plan Your South African Safari

If you are trying to decide where to book your next vacation, you should seriously consider a South African safari. While you could book the quintessential safari, there is so much more available.

Plan to bring your whole family, as the old and young alike will enjoy viewing the wild animals. Or if your bunch prefers a bit more excitement you could plan a trip to a theme park with rides that are sure to thrill.

If nature is more your speed then you’ll have a trip chock full of it. After a safari through the national park, you can visit some of the world’s wonders. Spend a day hiking up to the top of Table Mountain, spelunk your way through the Cango Cave, and finish with the Victoria Falls.

Learn more about Hoedspruit, South Africa, a destination like no other!

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