7 Most Stunning Nature in Southeast Asia -Vietnam

When it comes to travelling to the best locations in and across South East Asia should be something that should make you drool over. Southeast Asia’s nature-filled terrain has proven to be one of the most excellent options you want to explore. 

7 Most stunning nature in Southeast Asia / Vietnam

South East Asia is a region that extends from Southern China and Eastern India. The region of SouthEast Asia comprises 11 countries and has been regarded as one of the most visited tourist destinations around the globe.

Ban Gioc Waterfall– Vietnam 

The Ban Gioc Waterfall is the most popular and one of the most preferred tourist destinations in Vietnam. It comes with a host of options in terms of guest houses and hotels for tourists. It will provide you with a great deal of highly scenic locations. The upstream view is opened for a full view during lunch, which should be the best time to visit the waterfall. 

The water from Quay Son River begins flowing from China, creating the wonderful Ban Gioc Waterfall. You can move close to the waterfall on bamboo rafts. You can choose the one either from the Chinese side or the Vietnamese side. 

Bali – Indonesia 

Bali in Indonesia is known for a great experience in terms of the best tourist experience ever. When one thinks of visiting South East Asia, the first thing that would come to their mind is, of course, Bali. It personifies practically everything you may look forward to – landscape, culture, cuisine and jungle. 

The beaches here may not be the best, but Bali still impresses you with its other advantages. Even when you may not have crystal clear beaches, you will find the beaches quite good for surfing. Surfing is the best aspect that Bali stands for. The choice of tropical forests and magnificent rice fields should make it quite an excellent option that you would find quite impressive. 

 Koh Rong, Cambodia

If you are fond of beaches, Cambodia provides access to a host of advanced options that you would find interesting. One such great tourist destination in Cambodia is, of course, Koh Rong. The best part about Koh Rong is that it is not much explored from the tourist point of view; thus, you can visit a few spectacular beaches. 

The 7 km long beach is best suited for walking along and has white sand and clear water. You would find it a great place with small villages and wonderful nature. The beautiful sandy beaches would further enhance your experience. The famous beach in Cambodia that you would appreciate is Long Beach (Sok San Beach). 

Thuy Son- Vietnam

Thuy Son in Vietnam is one of Vietnam’s most impressive marble mountains. The region has several natural caves that you would appreciate. These caves are said to be Hindu and then converted to Buddhism. 

There are two routes that you can take to the caves. You can choose the one that goes through the beach. If you are into spirituality, you will find the mountain with the surrounding caves to be one of the most innovative as the region’s best spiritual centres. 

Bagan, Myanmar

Bagan was the original capital of the Burmese empire during the olden times. It was one of the most promising cities in the past but later suffered due to natural disasters. Today, it is no longer a huge city worthy of being called a capital city but a small village. 

But, even then, the city has a true spirit of ancient glory. The village still has that beauty, making it worthy of a visit. It may also be noticed that the city is a UNESCO World Heritage site. You would witness countless temples and buildings that you would find worthy of exploring. 

Boracay and El Nido, Philippine

The Philippines Is a city-state that has over 7000 islands. You would find a great number of beaches that you would love exploring. But, among all of them, the Boracay and El Nido beaches are highly in demand. 

Boracay is a small island that provides great peace of mind with its tranquil atmosphere. El Nido is a larger island that offers you various activities to enjoy. Check them out, and you will find the experience stands out. 

Koh Phi Chi, Thailand

Koh Phi Chi is an Asian paradise in Thailand. A great destination with turquoise waters, golden sandy beaches, and beautiful seascapes. The destination has also been known to be a unique movie shooting venue. The tropical scenery here would make it a promising destination ever. 

Koh Phi Chi is the best tourist destination in the nation. The curvy beaches here can make it a perfect destination. The hidden gems and other activities would make it the best region ever. It doubles up as a hedonistic haven providing a decent and unique experience. 

Well, those were a few great destinations that you would enjoy – providing you with a great insight into the most stunning nature in SouthEast Asia and Vietnam. Prepare yourself for a great journey ahead and enjoy being one with nature. 

Last Updated on June 4, 2023

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