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7 Most Luxurious Resorts to Stay at If You Win a Lottery Jackpot

While winning a major lottery jackpot may seem like a pipe dream for most people, those lucky enough to win never again have to worry about how much they have in the bank. 

If you happen to win a massive windfall, whether on a national lottery or one of the international lotteries reviewed on Lotto Analyst, you can spend your days enjoying your wealth and making memories. And what better place to make memories than on holiday, surrounded by luxury, relaxation, and easy living?

Unlike regular folks, you’ll be able to splurge on the most exclusive resorts without considering the price tag. But where do lottery winners vacation? Here are the seven most luxurious resorts in the world. 

Most Luxurious Resorts to Stay at

Located in the sparkling waters of the Maldives, Soneva Jani is one of three resorts operated by the Soneva Group. The resort is something out of a dream built directly in the shallows, offering some of the most magnificent views imaginable.

Amenities include private beach dinners, a private cinema overlooking the water, an exclusive day spa, and many oceanic adventures. Amongst these are various water sports, turtle watching, and even a sunset dolphin cruise. However, the villas on offer will make your vacation memorable.

The Water Reserve is a private two-story villa with 15,295 square feet of living space. Aside from its own gym, steam room, and retractable roof, the villa also has a private pool. The cherry on top is the long, curved slide that deposits you directly in the glistening waters, making the $28,580 per-night price tag seem like it’s worth every penny.

2. Six Senses Zil Payson (Seychelles)

The crown jewel of the Six Senses Group has to be Six Senses Zil Payson, located in wonderous Seychelles. Making a grand entrance to the resort is taken care of for you, thanks to the private helicopter charter offered to the most exclusive guests (and those with the deepest pockets). 

Once there, the resort offers snorkeling, turtle watching, hikes, island exploration, and fun water activities like kayaking and paddleboarding. If you want to take it easy, there is also a day spa and several excellent restaurants. 

The best place in the resort has to be the Sanctuary. Built onto the side of a rock wall, the 10,538 square-foot villa offers two glass-encased swimming pools and a generous kitchen. These things pale in comparison, however, to the fantastic views. And for just $15,112 a night, the villa is calling out to the rich—and only the rich. 

3. Kokomo Private Island (Fiji)

Is there anything better than having a private island all to yourself? That is precisely what Kokomo Private Island in Fiji offers. Operated by the Walker Corporation, this resort provides incredible activities set amongst views that will repeatedly take your breath away. 

Things to do include yoga, tours of local villages, a cascading waterfall tour, glass-bottomed boat cruises, ocean trampolines, kayaking, snorkeling, and the inspiring act of coral restoration. And after a long day of keeping busy, the best place to relax is in the Sunset Villa. 

The two-story villa offers floor-to-ceiling ocean views throughout the front and is married with three decks, a private pool, a library, a full kitchen, two living rooms, a terrace, and a games lounge. All this is available for just $14,500 per night.

4. Kudadoo (Maldives)

The Kudadoo resort may sound slightly strange when you hear the name. Rest assured, however, that there is nothing odd about this magical location in the Maldives resting upon incredible waters. 

With scuba diving, snorkeling, numerous excursions awaiting, water sports, and a day spa, there is certainly enough to do during the day. And at night, the cheese and wine cellar and eateries are enough to entice you to stay awake.

Despite everything on offer, the Ocean Residence steals the show. Standard with a private butler to cater to your every need and a 474 square-foot infinity pool, this residence is the lap of luxury. At $11,387 per night, you better be a lotto jackpot winner to pay the bill because you’re not going to want to leave. 

5. The St. Regis Bora Bora Resort (Bora Bora)

Operated by Marriott hotels and located in one of the best holiday locations available, the St. Regis Bora Bora is the ultimate in luxury. The location inspires anyone who visits to slow down and enjoy themselves as they explore the resort. 

Considering it offers multiple secluded walks, an underwater sea-life sanctuary, jaw-dropping beaches, and a day spa, there is plenty to do. However, one of the best things is simply relaxing at your villa and enjoying the wonder of the location. 

The recommended Overwater Royal Otemanu Villa is built directly above the refreshing waters of the ocean and boasts 3,454 square feet of space. A private pool, sea views from every angle, and a ladder straight into the water below are included. All this can be enjoyed for around $6,112 a night. 

6. Ho’olei Villas (Hawaii)

Part of the Waldorf Astoria group of hotels and resorts, Ho’olei Villas is the most luxurious way to experience Hawaii. The resort offers easy access to the beautiful ocean alongside numerous spectacular pools, some of which provide private cabanas to relax in. 

Suppose your idea of a holiday isn’t just lying around. In that case, there is paddleboarding, whale watching, scuba diving, beach yoga, a day spa, and a smattering of incredible eateries to keep you busy. While all these experiences may be unforgettable, the Deluxe Ocean View Villa will leave the most significant impact. 

Offering a full kitchen, balcony with spectacular views, and jacuzzi to unwind in, the room lets you experience the best comfort while you’re away from home. All this comes at an average price of $4,575 per night. 

7. One Nature Nyaruswiga, Serengeti (Tanzania)

If you want to get away from the ocean and prefer a more safari-style holiday, One Nature Hotel’s Nyaruswiga, Serengeti, is the place to visit. However, you won’t be greeted by the large villas you may expect. Instead, you’ll find luxury tents that will make you feel at home. 

Before you hunker down in your tent, explore the African wilderness with a private bush lunch, a guided walking tour, a game drive with fascinating animals, or a dinner filled with stargazing. If none of these sound appealing, perhaps the in-room massage treatments will catch your eye. 

As for the tent, this isn’t your regular camping tent. This 1,162 square-foot behemoth offers spectacular views of the wilderness adorned with a sun terrace, plunge pool, and jacuzzi that you can relax in. You can experience this ultimate African retreat starting at $4,407 per night. 

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