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7 Famous Souvenirs from Ukraine to Bring on Your Trip

Ukraine is a wonderful country with a lot of sights and wonders to behold. If you’re planning a trip to the country sometime shortly, you can be sure that you won’t be disappointed.Seven kinds of souvenirs that your family will appreciate.If you ever visit Ukraine, there are at least bring these souvenirs from Ukraine

Souvenirs from Ukraine

Right from Kiev, the bustling capital city of Ukraine, to Chernobyl, the infamous site of the nuclear explosion, there are several sites to visit based on the theme of your tour. Coupling the sightseeing with a luxury stay in hotels will make a great holiday vacation. These hotels in Ukraine offer luxury in every aspect. So, you should definitely consider Ukraine for your next holiday trip.

Also, there are several attractive souvenirs that you can bring back home depending on the places you decided to visit. Here are the 7 famous ones.

  1. Pysanka

A pysanka (plural: pysanky) is an Easter egg made out of wood, and painted on in traditional Ukrainian folk designs. The long-standing culture behind the entire process of making the pysanka makes this a distinctly Ukrainian souvenir to get. Certain regions, like the Carpathian area in West Ukraine as well as the village of Petrykivka, are famous for their beautiful pysanky, but certain places also offer workshops to make your own pysanky and take them home.

  • Horilka

Horilka is an alcoholic beverage that is a traditional drink in Ukraine. Used most often during wedding ceremonies, many Ukrainians, as well as citizens of neighboring countries like in ceremonies like weddings and other happy occasions, several people in neighboring countries (mostly those that were once part of the Soviet Union) enjoy the drink as well. Pepper horilka is one of the most popular types that can be found, however, it is distilled from other items such as beets, honey, wheat, birch buds and even milk.

  • Sopilka

Sopilka is a wooden wind instrument, known for being one of the oldest musical instruments originating from Ukraine. Belonging to the same family as the flute, a sopilka will prove to be a wonderful present for a music lover, especially if they are already familiar with a wind instrument, for they might like the challenge of learning to play a similar instrument from time to time.

  • Motanka doll

The Motanka doll is yet another marvel that is unique to Ukraine. These dolls most popularly made in Kiev, but found throughout, have no faces (no facial features painted on them) but are lavishly dressed in traditional attire. In place of facial features, these dolls often have crosses painted on them, and are considered to be a symbol of prosperity, happiness and an eternal to the ancestors of the people in the household. They might seem like unusual gifts to give at first, but the cultural value will be significant.

  • Trypillian ceramics and pottery

In Ukraine, the Trypillian culture is most well-known for its pottery and ceramics. All kinds of kitchenware and utensils were made, as well as jewelry, amulets and figurines of various objects. To this day, Trypillian ceramics are a major tourist attraction that offer prospective buyers a wide range of choices to select from. Each piece shows the craftsmanship that has been handed down for centuries, and the style and colors are distinctive to Ukrainian culture.

  • Petrykivka Paintings

These paintings called Petrykivka, after a small village located in the Dnieper region in Ukraine, are done in an ornamental style of painting that is unique to the village. These paintings can be found on several everyday articles such as spoons, plates, mugs, caskets and other items that are used in everyday life. This painting style is so popular that it has been featured in the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

  • Vyshyvanka

Embroidered blouses, called vyshyvanky are extremely varied, and come with their specific theme depending on where you traveling in Ukraine. Each region has its own distinctive style, whether it is floral motifs, geometric shapes or images of birds and animals. These blouses hold tremendous heritage value, and they are the national costume of Ukraine. One of these colorful pieces will add some spice to your wardrobe as well as serve as a token of a memorable trip.

There are several more things that Ukraine has to offer that couldn’t possibly fit on a tiny list. Ukraine has a lot more to offer than just items that can be bought. Go out and experience the place; interact with people, participate in any activities that may be happening, and of course, bring back the biggest souvenirs you can ever have: your memories.

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