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7 Family Activities To Do In Sri Lanka

Rough, exotic and wild, that’s the kind of impression we have when we heard of Sri Lanka. When we think of the country, we think of endless safari, adventures into the wild, rolling green hills, and so on. While there are more tourists coming to Sri Lanka, the place rarely comes up as a destination for families. Well…it’s time for you to think again! Although there is no attraction that is completely dedicated to kids, there are plenty of family activities for adults and children to enjoy together. Check out below for 7 activities to enjoy with your kids.Both grown-ups and kids will have a memorable trip with our top family activities in this amazing island while visiting Sri Lanka.

7 Family Activities To Experience While Traveling Sri Lanka

1. Be spoil at a family villa in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

A family vacation calls for private space, freedom and customized service. Why bother sharing a pool with other guests when you can have one for your own? Whether you need a driver, baby cot or special meals, you will get it at a villa. While the kids roam around in the expansive garden, you can leisurely sip away a sun downer by the pool. Isn’t this what a family trip should be?

2. Enrich knowledge about sea turtles

Sri Lanka

Along the southern coast of Galle District are the nesting habitats of sea turtles. There are several hatcheries along the coastal road where children can learn more about turtles, the dangers they face and the conservation efforts to save these creatures. Releasing baby turtles back into the ocean will be an unforgettable experience for the young minds.

3. Visit Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage

Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan elephant is the largest amongst 4 subspecies of Asian elephants. Home to about 2,100 to 3,000 elephants, Sri Lanka is the perfect place to learn about these giant beings. At the orphanage, your kids will be able to the animals being fed and bathed in close quarters. If they are close enough, they will be able to feed an elephant themselves – a truly interesting and enriching experience for the children!

4. Take a scenic train ride to Ella

The train from Nuwara Eliya to Ella goes slowly along the hillside. The kids will be able to cast their eyes on rolling emerald hills, see tea plantations and watch the tea being picked as the vehicle eases its way through tunnels, hills and the countryside. Blow your mind into the scenic view and let imagination fly to the scenic surrounding. If your kids have never seen or traveled by train, this is definitely a trip they will not forget.

5. Have a splash at the beach

Sri Lanka

It’s a pity to come to Sri Lanka and not get some beach into your life. Pristine waters, soft yellow sand, it’s the perfect place to spend the day with your family. While there are no lifeguards, the water is calm and safe enough for the little ones. Who wouldn’t love to build a sand castle or simply splash in the refreshing water?

6. Learn how to fish like a Sri Lankan

Sri Lanka

Fishing is for sure a fun time for the kids. From patiently waiting, baiting, to finally pulling the rod, the whole experience is exciting and rewarding in itself. However, fishing is Sri Lanka brings the joy to a whole new level. In this country, locals practice what is called stilts fishing. Traditionally, Sri Lankan fishermen perch on stilts to wait for their catch. These stilts, known as riti panna, can be seen along the southern coast. They are stuck a few meters under the water. A small bench is attached to the pole. This is where fishermen sit. You and the kids can even give it a go to challenge your balancing skills.

7. Explore the fort of Galle

Historic and beautiful, Galle captures the heart of those who visit it, young and old alike. While you mesmerize at the charm of his UNESCO World Heritage site, little ones will be able to enjoy the scenic views and historic streets of Galle. There is also a good selection of restaurants, boutiques and art galleries for a great family dinner.

At the end of the day, your trip will be filled with fun memories, everlasting moments and unbreakable bonds, and this is what a holiday with family should be.

The article is written by Khanh Tran from, the leading villa booking platform in Asia.

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