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7 Essential Travel Gadgets You Must Pack For Summer 2019

Summers are here to warm your hearts with the joy of vacations to far off lands. Have you planned your summer vacation trip for 2019 already? If yes, then perfect! Let’s narrow down your plan to essential travel gadgets that would definitely prove to be a life-saver. A kindle would not let you get bore, an underwater camera would not restrict you to land photography, a solar power bank would not let you run out of battery, and an anti-theft bag would not prevent you from entering the crowds fearlessly.7 travel gadgets that should always be with you while traveling the world.Take a look at this blog to learn Essential Travel Gadgets

Have you gotten down to such details? Are you done with your New Year shopping that includes the best quality travel gadgets that make your dream tour flawless and trouble-free? If NO, you must read below and find out your best choices here. Here is a list of amazing travel gadgets that you MUST pack as they can make your summer tour truly perfect.

Essential Travel Gadgets

  • Sunnylife Underwater Camera

There is always a photographer in every group, family, or clan. The enthusiastic photographer adores capturing even the tiniest beauty he comes across. Photographers rule the world by possessing the most beautiful pictures of the world that they had captured during their foreign tours. But, in summers, the beach seaside and oceans appear challenging to explore and capture. Why? Your camera will never work again!

What if I tell you that it will continue to function perfectly even after you dip it in water for long? Yes, it is true! Sunny life Underwater Camera captures the underwater beauty really well. It works the old fashioned way with a film to capture the photos. You can take it down to about 6.5 feet of depth. This 35mm underwater camera actually comes with a removable waterproof casing so enjoy your summer trip, even underwater, without a drop of sweat.

  • Noise Cancelling Headphones—Sony WH-1000XM3

Finding a recluse’s abode in the middle of a crowd is absolutely impossible. It is the truth, especially when you have to wait in a long queue or for your family members who are enjoying the lively spirit of the new place. So, why not get the noise-canceling headphones to cut yourself off of the external disturbances? Invest in high-quality noise-canceling headphones like Sony WH-1000XM3. Get the headphones that are easy to carry, light in weight, and sturdy. Sony WH-1000XM3 arrives with a three feet cable length to enhance the sound quality of the videos you are engrossed in. It has an extended battery life that is up to 20 hours. Its wireless connectivity range lies within 30 meters. They are the best headphones that cancel out external noises in a tremendous way.

  • Steam Generator Iron—Philips Elite Steam Generator Iron

When you are traveling, it is obvious that your clothes will get wrinkled and will look unkempt. For this particular purpose, having a portable steam iron is the best option that I would suggest. Especially, Phillips Iron Steam Generator is the one steamer that makes ironing all that easier and faster. You don’t have to fret about the temperature settings for any fabric. It is pre-set and a one-temperature fits for all kind of steamer. What else would you desire for? You can check out the details here.

  • Portable Solar Charger—BEARTWO 10000mAh Ultra-Compact

Solar chargers for phones are perfect in summers. We often forget to charge our power banks and end up losing our phone’s battery in the middle of nowhere. A solar charger lets you stay connected even in a deserted place. It has a compact and portable design that lets you carry it even in your pocket. It lets you charge up to 2 devices at the same time. Even though it can charge your phone batteries within 4 to 5 hours, it takes some time to recharge itself via solar panels. As it is compact in size, so the recharging process is a bit slow.

  • Kindle Voyage

If you are a geek and enjoy reading books in the free time, then you need to get a kindle. It is a smart way to take a bundle of novels and books with you anywhere and everywhere. Kindle usually facilitates you to read all the popular books that are highly-rated by the readers globally. Kindle Voyage, in particular, offers you a better model that features a high-resolution display and long-lasting battery life (it can last up to weeks). Plus, the turning of the page has become easier with page press sensors. So now you can take your books everywhere without having to carry a lot of weight. You can simply relax at the beach in summers and enjoy reading your favorite books. The brightness can be adjusted according to day or night time to enable comfortable visibility. For prime members, unlimited access to thousands of books is free. After a 30 day trial period, you just have to pay a meager amount of monthly charges to gain unlimited access.

  • Beoplay Portable Speaker

With friends or with strangers, the party freaks love to play loud music, dance to the beats and fully enjoy every second of their lives. For them, portable speakers are the best choice to share the music anywhere with everyone. They are an amazing go-to weapon for beach parties as well as pool parties. Beoplay portable speakers can stay charged for up to 24 hours. They are easy to carry around as they can fit into your pockets too. Additionally, the in-built microphone lets you make calls. You can activate the features of your smartphone via Google assistant or Apple Siri. It has a handy leather strap that lets you hang it in your key chain to avoid losing them.

  • PacSafe Backpack

In crowded cities, it is easy to get tricked upon and lose your important stuff without even knowing. To keep your stuff secure especially your phones safe, invest in this anti-theft backpack. It is specifically designed to prevent slash and run theft. Additionally, the anti-hack pocket prevents your devices from getting hacked. It is comfortable to carry some of your heavy stuff as well and has a dozen of organizing pockets for you to place your stuff in an arranged manner.

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