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7 Budget Travel Tips for Student Travelers

Hello, my dear friend! What did you think about when you saw the title? I am almost sure that you thought about the Azure sea or fantastic adventures in some exotic countries. If so, you are reading right article. Student years are the best in our life because it is a time for trips and unforgettable moments when you are young and full of energy. However, almost every student cannot afford such things. Don’t be upset! Here I’m going to tell you some tips how to travel without substantial expenses and how to receive positive impressions.Seven tips for student travelers who want to travel for free.Take a look at this article to learn about budget travel tips.

Budget Travel Tips

1. Use an international student identity card
It is a student’s travel card. A unique international ID card provides privileges in different parts of the world. So, this card gives an opportunity to save on food and accommodation, and to buy cheap tickets.

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2. Be active
Another great opportunity to travel inexpensively or free of charge is to participate in all kinds of student seminars, conferences, and international festivals. Usually, they are held abroad and allow not only to visit many countries all over the world but also usefully spend time. In the afternoon students take part in lectures, debates, workshops and seminars, and in the evening they go to concerts, theaters, and clubs. On such events, you’ll practice your language skills, meet new people, receive new knowledge and experience.

Student Travelers

3. Accommodation
The cheapest type of housing is couch surfing. The idea is to stay with hospitable locals who like to get acquainted with interesting people from other countries. You just need to register on the site and take care of finding the place of living in advance. But, there is an option that you won’t be to find such volunteers so that you can book a berth in some hostel. It will cost less than 15$ per day, for this money you’ll live with a group of people (7-10), you’ll have shared shower and kitchen and maybe breakfast.

4. Transport
If talking about transport, first of all, you should take care of the flights. Air travel has been traditionally considered one of the most expensive things during traveling. In fact, if you use low-cost airlines that save on comfort, it turns out cheaper than to travel by trains or buses. Then you need to think about relocation. The easiest way is to find a companion. You can use BlaBlaCar, for instance. There you’ll be able to find in advance some drivers who will accompany you along the way. The essence of this method is quite simple: register in the system, choose the route you need, and among the proposed options look for the driver.

5. Free city tours in Europe
Here I want to give a piece of advice how to visit sights without expenses. Arriving in a foreign country, every person wants to know more about it. To see European cities through the eyes of the locals, you can ask, for example, the company “Sandermas.” They will provide you with information about cheap travel sites, help you to visit the most attractive places without high prices. They even offer free excursions. Ordinary people (locals) conduct these tours, who are in love with their city and want to share this feeling with travelers. To book a trip, just go to the site, choose the right town, and the exact time, that’s all.

Student Travelers

6. Food
Don’t forget about how and where are you going to eat every day. There are some tips for people, who don’t have enough money to eat in expensive restaurants. Try to avoid overcrowded cafes in the center of the city. As a rule, good and cheap restaurants are located farther from the center, sometimes in the courts, there eat mostly only locals. Also, don’t forget about the supermarkets. Experienced travelers also regularly visit local budget supermarkets. It’s about networks like Aldi, Netto, Lidl, etc. Keep in mind that promotional products are usually “thrown out” on the shelves in the evening.

7. International Volunteer Programs
To travel to another country, each student can choose an interesting volunteer program. Usually, they last from two weeks to several months and involve free work to solve a social problem, for example, saving the natural environment of a unique preserve, caring for offspring of sea turtles or reconstructing an ancient castle. You won’t earn money there, but it will deliver useful adventures, experience, and emotions. You have to pay only for tickets and contribution.

So, these are 7 pieces of advice for students, how to travel interesting and without high costs. I hope they’ll be useful for you. Share your ideas and experience with other students o travelers. Maybe all these adventures will inspire even to create your own blog.

After your holidays you might like to share your impressions with your group mates, for instance. It would be great to express them in the form of essay. Essay-on-time will help with this exciting task, and you’ll impress your friends and even your teacher. So, it was my last piece of advice for you about this theme. You are young, be active, enjoy your life. I wish you good luck!

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