7 Best Places to Visit in Norfolk, England

An ever-popular destination in England, East Anglia is a county town that is literally full of beautiful scenery. Norfolk is a beautiful rural county in East Anglia, rich in farmland. Besides this, the place is also a favorite for dark blue skies, windmills, native cities, and waterways. Norfolk is a beautiful rural county in East Anglia, rich in farmland. Let’s explore the seven best places to visit and things to do in Norfolk.

Places to Visit in Norfolk

The heritage city of Norfolk is also loaded with traditional period architecture, which has made the city popular among tourists. Here you can find the spellbinding cathedral. 

Stunning traditional architecture, gorgeous and decorated gardens, vast beaches, and vast swamps filled with birds: you can think of a future trip to Norfolk. If you are a photographer, then you will get everything.

Let’s explore the seven best places to visit and things to do in Norfolk.

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Best Places to Visit in Norfolk, England

  1. Norwich 

Norwich is a major tourist destination in Norfolk, which is actually a traditional city. The cathedral found in the center of the city, made of cream-colored limestone, is an architectural wonder which will surely satisfy your eye. Cathedrals underwent Gothic changes and expansions in the next century, such as the two-story coaster. The church was built in the style of the tradition of England. It is one of the city’s best museums, where you will encounter the materials used by the ancient Queen Boudikar, an English national icon or Snatisham Hord, and a gold treasure from the Iron Age. So when it comes to visiting Norfolk, Norwich is one of the first things you can do

  1. Stiffkey Salt Marshes 

It is another beautiful place, which can be placed in the second position in the list of the most visited places in Norfolk. Horizon-wide swamps, never-ending tidal creeks, gusts of salt air will give you the gift of pleasant weather. You can take a long walk with the people of your choice by the side of Stiffy Salt Wetland.

Located in the Blakeney National Nature Reserve, the landscape is home to a wide variety of birds’ salt-tolerant plants. You will also find skeletons of solitary boats here. Its muddy basins are flooded during high tide. Walking through this vast mud can make you feel different.

  1. Thetford Forest 

Thetford Forest is the ideal destinations to spend a great summer day. It is a large forest spread over a wide area, with many places to enjoy, including the High Lodge with outdoor play facilities, the history and heritage of Mildenhall Warren and Linford Arboretum, and St. Helen, which gives you great. Peace and tranquility while walking around.

  1. Cromer

A resort was built following England’s style of construction. Dominated by a beautiful Gothic church, it has an intense glamor. So you can consider Cromer as a holiday destination. Many Georgian-style homes can be seen here, as wealthy Georgians built summer homes for summer vacations and fishing. The wide beach attracts tourists all year round, which is the main attraction of Cromer, also seen the beautiful Victorian piers with the legendary theater. The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI), an essential station in Cromer, is an excellent museum of Henry’s blog. The place is also home to the delicious shellfish, which is more common during the season from March to October.

  1. Wells-next-the-sea 

It is a beautiful seaside town, located in the center of the North Norfolk coast of England. Famous for its stunning beaches, one can walk on shady feet through the sweet-smelling Corsican pine wood. Today’s steeled beach huts, and sandy beaches adorned with sun-basking seals are worth a visit.

Getting here is a must on the famous Wales and Walsingham Light Railway, which will take you to the Norfolk seaside town of Wales-Next-the-Sea and Walsingham. Walsingham is a beautiful historical village where you can visit the great temples and monasteries. Also, visit the seal colonies at Blakeney Point here, observe birds around nature reserves and wetlands, go boating around the oysters, and wander around rock pools for children.

  1. Norfolk Broads 

Norfolk Broads is artificial Broads which is a must-see in Norfolk. Under the clear blue sky, more than 125 miles of sparkling waterways will take you far. You can take a boat trip to explore this mosaic landscape which is the home of some of the rarest flora and fauna in the UK. It is a perfect fishing spot.

In addition to boating, you can enjoy a variety of real outdoor adventures here, such as bird watching, peaceful walking, and cycling along its shores. There are also historic church buildings, fascinating museums. Everything has made this place an ideal tourist destination. 

  1. Horsey Beach 

Horsey Beach is popular among the world’s tourists for watching the movement of seals. The beach is also renowned for seals’ natural habitat, mainly in the winter months. Besides these, there are plenty of other attractions and places to enjoy around Horsey, including the Horsey wind pump and tea rooms, East Ruston Old Vicarage Gardens, Happisburgh Lighthouse, and crossing the Norfolk Broads.

There are also various outdoor activities that you definitely enjoy, including mini-golf, high rope courses, horse riding for all ages, go-karting, sailing, and kayaking. 

This fantastic waterfront location in England is known for its long sandy beaches, pristine coastline, windswept wetlands, picturesque windmills, gorgeous Flintstone villages, fascinating historic towns, cozy traditional pubs, various wildlife, and waterways. So while planning to visit Norfolk, make a long list of must-visiting places of the place. 

Last Updated on June 24, 2023

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