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7 Best Places in the World for Japanese Gamblers

Thanks to the rapid growth and expansion of technologies, the gambling world has become two-dimensional: online casinos are one part of the spectrum, while traditional brick and mortar are still firmly holding their well-deserved spot. The entire concept was all about replicating landline gaming experience to the Internet, cloud, and augmented reality. On the other hand, true enthusiasts will never abandon their primary entertainment sources, so we bring you 7 of the best gambling destinations in the world where Japanese gamblers can feel like home.

Macau, China

Geographically closest to Japan, the former Portuguese colony and now part of China, Macau primarily lives from tourism – over a million tourists visit this city every month. Most of them are gamblers from all over the globe rushing to this paradise in search of pastime and a dream of a big win in one of the casinos that are open 24 hours. Casinos are just as popular here as they are online. Especially since all casinos have the ability to pay by any payment method, as well as ecoPayz. Just like the best online casinos reviewed at PikachuCasinos that do the same.

The city is famous for loose gambling laws enabling quality nightlife and is widely considered the premier gambling destination. Analysts estimate that gambling revenues in Macau are probably over seven times higher than the earnings generated in the former gambling capital of the world.

The most impressive of all attractions in Macau is undoubtedly the giant Grand Lisboa (58 floors, 261 meters high), the golden pearl of Macau tourism perfectly visible from anywhere in the country. The city is also renowned for pachinko parlors, car-races held every November along with a yearly fireworks competition where Japanese people can have a lot of fun after long and hopefully prosperous gaming sessions.

Las Vegas, Nevada

A synonym for gambling cities and practically the first idea of any Japanese gambler who ever thinks about gambling, the so-called City of Sins is the second-best place when it comes to profits from this activity. Still, the popularity of Las Vegas Sands will never fade thanks to blockbuster movies as well as a massive crowd of tourists coming to the city to gamble, have fun, and even to get married.

Once upon a time there was a desert, the same as any other: hot sand below, hot sun above. Yet this desert was somewhat different from the others: it was destined to become the craziest sport on planet Earth.

Instead of cacti, vultures, and other scenography typical of the desert landscape, Vegas brings famous landmarks such the Eiffel Tower, New York skyscrapers and the Statue of Liberty, the Venetian Grand Canal, with all the gondolas, the Egyptian pyramids, and the Sphinx, then over 200 casinos, of which only one street – Strip – more than 40! In the same street, there are 14 of the 25 largest hotels worldwide, with a total of 62,000 rooms! And that’s not the end when it comes to the top 10 amazing facts that you can always check for yourself and be a part of history.


Three skyscrapers with a common roof on which a lavish amusement park is located have become a recognizable landmark of Singapore. Singaporeans really did the right thing when they rejected the term casino resorts and adopted the term ‘integrated resort’, because that’s what their most famous buildings really are. They have combined everything you can get in many different places in other cities into one type of resort.

As impressive as a $5 billion building could be, everything to be found in the Resorts Worlds Sentosa has a futuristic echo. Japanese players will be treated with 2400+ slots and 500+ table games while their hotel stay is enriched with private service, butlers, and more. To get an extra amusement level, visitors can swim in the aqua park, or have a good night sleep in a beach villa phenomenally looking at Singapore cityscape.

Roulette is the most popular game, and we believe a Japanese tourist will feel like James Bond when playing it. When talking about him, you can read the online casino Vera John (オンラインカジノ ベラジョン) review to discover more titles featuring the famous secret agent.

When you’re in gambling industry and don’t save on marble or gilded cutlery, the price of an ambitiously designed construction project can reach six billion dollars. So much has been invested in the famous gambling Marina Bay Sands complex in Singapore, the most expensive modern building where guests swim under the clouds in a rooftop pool at a height of 240 meters.

Paradise Island and Nassau, Bahamas

An ideal destination for Japanese tourists who want to explore a lively and sunny island and spin a few hands on their favorite slot machine. You can soak up the sun and get casino games to play to relieve stress without having to leave the resort since the Bahamas are home to some of the biggest gambling heavens.

With five cutting-edge establishments, the island state is a famous poker destination. Since 2004, the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort is where the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure takes place and is distributed to the audience around the globe. It has a few strings with Japanese culture, but that’s why it is so popular and good for a short stay.

Biloxi, Mississippi

The great river depicted in famous Mark Twain’s novels has a long history of gambling. At first, the action was on steamboats where the upper-class punters mixed with lowlife adventurers all joined to score the same goal – to clear off the table.

Today, the south coast of America is another great destination for Japanese punters that look for fine dining, golf courses, and gourmet buffets. You will find the iconic casinos including Hard Rock Biloxi next to the Beau Rivage, the IP, and the Boomtown. Japan’s punters can always play online slots before going there to get the basics.

Shreveport, Louisiana

When you’re in the American South, there is another possibility to enjoy the famous Southern hospitality. Along the Red River, players from Japan can find a selection of riverboat casinos where Sam’s Town Hotel & Casino is the most famous.

There is also a little extra something for sports betting and horse racing fans that can enjoy the Super Derby at Harrah’s Louisiana Downs. Live racing is backed up with over 1300 slot machines placed on the largest casino floor in the state.


The exotic paradise is dubbed the Monte Carlo of the Caribbean hosting the lavish casinos such as the Crystal and the Stellaris Casino Resort. The latter is placed in a resort and combined with hotels that offer top-notch gaming machines along with giant flat-TV screens broadcasting major sports events.


Let’s not forget that Japanese players can also pick a place to visit that is closer to home and join pachinko sessions without much fuss. But staying in the comfort of your living room will never get thrill, excitement, and prizes as reputable establishments and prestigious venues. The choice is yours and it is always possible to play online casino games in Japan to familiarize yourself with rules before going into a jackpot race abroad.

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