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Top 7 Things to Do in Corfu for Families – Greece Travel

Located in the Ionian Sea, not far from Albania, Corfu Island is the most North Western Island of the Greek Isles. Decorated with medieval castles and loaded with a history full of battles and conquests due to its strategic location, Corfu can be an exciting place for families. 

Of all the Greek Islands, Corfu is ideal for families because it provides tranquility, plenty of sightseeing and beach fun. With mountains, beaches, olive groves, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, there is something here for everyone in the family. 

Top 7 Things to Do in Corfu for Families, Greece

Things to do in Corfu for Families

1. Go for a swim

Of course, no Greek Island trip is complete without a visit to the beach. With more than 100 miles of coastline, the island of Corfu has both rocky and sandy beach options.  Many beaches have shallow waters, which is great if you are travelling with small children. 

Having a lazy day? Hang out by your pool in your Corfu luxury villas. Need a more adventurous dip? Check out Aqualand, one of Europe’s greatest waterparks. 

2. Corfu Aquarium

Explore stunning local marine life at Corfu Aquarium. You can watch many colorful species of fish swimming in the crystal clear waters, as well as lobsters and eels. They also house reptiles such as lizards, snakes, and iguanas.

3. Glass-Bottomed Boat Cruise

A boat trip you cannot miss! Nautilus Underwater Experience offers an amazing cruise in a one-of-a-kind boat built with a special, bulletproof glass bottom measuring 2×3 meters wide. With a 170-degree unique view, you can explore the shallow waters easily in this sleek cruiser, with a window to the deep blue Paleokastritsa Sea. 

4. Scenic Horse Trail

If you or your kids love horses, then Trailblazer is the place for you. Home to many friendly horses and ponies, anyone from ages 6 to 70 are welcome. What better way to see a local greek village and olive groves than to trek on horseback?

5. Corfu Donkey Rescue  

Although the use of donkeys on Corfu island is declining, there are still many that work very hard. When the donkeys become useless for their owners, they are often sold to the Italian meat market. Thus, Corfu Donkey Rescue was born to stop the exports. 

Visitors (and their treats!) are welcome. Most of the donkeys here are old, sick or injured. Free from all worries and fears, the donkey rescue makes sure they spend the rest of their lives in a safe and comfortable environment with plenty of food and water. 

6. Olive Groves and Museum

No Greek meal is complete without olive oil. The Mavroudis Museum is family-owned and the largest olive oil extraction mill on the island. Come learn the history of olive oil pressing in the area while taste testing olive oil handpicked from their 2,000 trees. 

7. Old Town Walking Tours

Now named an UNESCO World Heritage Site, a visit to the Old Town of Corfu is definitely a place you will not forget. With a mix of ancient Greek, Byzantine, Venetian and Modern architecture, it is literally like taking a stroll through time. 

Roam the narrow streets and historical places. Then, head out to the Old and New Fortress, which offer picturesque views of the island of Corfu. Young children will surely love to see old castles like these.

If you’re planning to visit Greece for your next family adventure, then Corfu is the island for you. From beautiful beaches, to fascinating history and modern family activities, Corfu has it all!

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