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6 Ways To Successfully Manage Your Stress And Anxiety

You can’t always rely on pharmaceutical drugs for everything. Sadly a lot of people do not realize this and they spend their entire lives treating stress and anxiety with them; consistent pharmaceutical drug use can cause serious health problems. Studies show that there are thousands of alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs. Individuals dealing with poor mental health should consider these before they begin messing with their hormones by taking pharmaceuticals.

This post will tell you about six things that you can do to improve your mental health and manage existing illnesses or conditions more effectively:

woman sitting on the floor with a panic attack


CBD is a chemical extracted from marijuana and hemp; studies show that compared to pharmaceutical mental health treatments it is more effective and has fewer side effects. There is a variant of CBD and CBDA that is just as effective if not more so. You can buy a CBD or CBDA tincture online for next to nothing. One of the best things about CBDA is that it is legal in a lot of places where CBD isn’t due to regulatory loopholes. If you are planning on taking CBD to treat your mental health then you should find a manufacturer committed to providing organic products. CBD products made from organic plants do not contain traces of chemicals or fertilizers. You can find out whether or not a product is organic by reading its packaging or visiting its manufacturer’s website. Use CBD moderately and discontinue use if side effects manifest.


One of the easiest ways of improving your mental health without needing to take drugs of any kind is by exercising. Simple exercises like push-ups, crunches, dips, and sit-ups can significantly improve your mental health and combat the symptoms of anxiety and depression. You do not have to go to the gym to exercise; you can do it from home. Make sure that when you are exercising you learn proper form and stick to it. Until you perform each exercise with the correct form you will not be able to make meaningful improvements and strides. Jogging is a good exercise too.

Getting Outdoors

In the last part of the previous section, jogging was mentioned. For many people jogging is the ideal exercise because it is something that they can do on their own without anybody else’s help and they do not need to buy expensive equipment. Getting outdoors and getting fit is something everybody should be doing regardless of their mental condition. Jogging is an excuse to get outdoors. If you plan on going jogging then make sure to find reliable routes that are marked and easy to follow. Hiking is another activity that you can take up if you want to get outdoors but dislike jogging.

man sitting on a coach

Eating Healthily

A healthy diet is essential if you want good mental health. A lot of people underestimate the impact that a good diet can have on a person’s health, mentally and physically. Most people eat nothing but junk food today which is why there is so much heart disease and diabetes in the general population. Anxiety can be directly caused by your dietary choices. Try to avoid eating things that you do not react well to. Reducing your sugar intake can be an effective way of getting better control over your mental health.

Making Friends

A lot of people live lives of isolation today. The internet and the rise of video gaming have turned young people into hermits, too scared to go outside and make friends in real life. If you are one such individual but want to make a change then get out and start trying things you normally wouldn’t, like sports perhaps. Sports can be great for building physical strength and fitness, making friends, and becoming more confident. If you suffer from anxiety or any kind of mental illness then making friends might seem difficult at first but is very good for you.

Internet Usage

In the last section, reference was made to the fact that many young people prefer to use the internet than go out and meet real people. If you spend most of your life on the internet then now’s the time to change that. Studies show that frequent internet use can be very bad for the body. You can still use the internet moderately, you just need to cut down your screen time to a few hours a day. You should avoid using your phone recreationally on days that you are at work if you use a computer for work.

Managing stress and anxiety isn’t easy. However just because it is not easy does not for a second mean it is impossible. With a good attitude, determination, and a research-based approach you will be able to overcome your issues and gain control over your mental health again (or for the first time).

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