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6 Video Marketing Tips for Leisure and Tourism

Tourism is an industry that is almost always busy. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, it has not been possible for people to go out and explore the world. It was one of the worst hits this industry has had. However, this obstacle is also an opportunity to innovate and grow. The industry has adapted to it, and now that the pandemic is nearly gone, these innovations have boosted the tourism industry like never before.

To get the most of this high, one must have the best marketing strategy, and we know that today one simply cannot have the best marketing strategy without video. However, one should have professional quality videos when marketing to enhance the results of your marketing strategy. Here are some great video marketing tips to help you create the best leisure and tourism marketing videos:

  • Create Trends

Social media is an extremely powerful tool. It brings people together and lets users stay up-to-date with the latest trends. If you manage to start a trend, thanks to the power of social media, many other people will want to follow your path. Creating a catchy saying using a hashtag will enable you to reach out to others who want to do the same. It will encourage people to do the same, share the experience on social media using your hashtag, and as a result, you can gain traction with tourists.

You may even attempt to create a social film using a good video editor tool. These films can encourage people to go on adventures and explore the world. You can use this to gain exposure on social media and through other platforms as well. Creating trends is an effective tactic, which can be done even on a budget.

  • Promote Authenticity

The general population today is more aware than ever. They do not like sugar-coated information and want authenticity in everything they watch or consume. Showing superficial scenes in your videos will not work. You must go more in-depth and show the authentic side of your travel film. It is important to gain not just the tourists’ attention but also that of the locals. They will share your videos with their family and friends, which is further passed on to others around them, increasing the chances of people living outside of the locality to see your videos. They will be encouraged to experience the authenticity which will translate to the success of your video marketing content.

  • Understand Your Niche

Leisure and tourism are a niche. One must understand the ins and outs of their niche to be able to create effective video marketing strategies. Today, many people have started scrolling through tourism videos and other content on their phones. However, this was not the case a few years back, as earlier we could only look up limited information on places through their desktop or laptop. Hence, you must create content within your niche that is relatable to your target audience.

Like this example, new developments and discoveries will come up within this niche. You must stay aware of them to be able to make the most of your video marketing strategy. One must adapt to these new developments no matter their niche.

  • Encourage Creativity

Everyone loves a bit of creativity in the content they consume. It helps keep them entertained and engaged. If your content is straightforward the audience might not find it memorable. One can be creative with the transitions and special effects in the video. You can use a video editor to achieve this. Many online editing apps allow free video editing for your videos. It makes it convenient for people new to the field to hone their skills.

Even though creativity is a crucial aspect of your travel videos, ensure that the message of the video is still crystal clear. If not, it simply becomes an entertainment video rather than tourism or leisure-oriented video. You want to promote tourism through your videos. Many people get carried away with the creativity and tend to confuse the audience about the purpose of the video. Get creative, but remember to stick to your topic.

  • Make the Most of it

Creating video content on travel brings about many opportunities. There’s a lot of creativity and enjoyment around this, so one must be strategic about such an opportunity. You will get marvellous video content out of your travels, but you can also use the set, props, and other equipment to take beautiful photographs. You can upload these on your social media or even start a campaign.

Shooting behind-the-scenes shots for your Instagram or other social media stories is a great way to help promote your video content for your tourism and leisure marketing strategy. By strategizing and planning in advance, you can make the most of the set-up for filming video content while also having fun.

  • Have Fun

No matter how serious you are about your video marketing strategy, it is vital that you enjoy the process and feel connected to its purpose. If you continuously make videos while feeling bored and uninterested, the overall quality of the video will drop and cause burnout for your team. This can be extremely detrimental to your cause and marketing strategy.

Since shooting videos for leisure and tourism will take you to various new exciting places, try out these experiences with your team. It will help you form a closer bond with your team as well! And if you are a one-man army, go have fun yourself! Do not hold yourself back, have some off-camera experiences as well. Allow for off-camera, authentic experiences, and take snapshots if you can and post them on your social media too.


These are six tips that will help you enhance your video marketing strategy for leisure and tourism. Every single tip in this guide is important and will improve your experience and skill set differently. It is important to implement them when creating the videos. As you continue creating videos, you will learn more tiny but impactful tips that will help you grow in the long run, and as result, grow your business.

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