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6 Tips to Follow On Your Next Mountain Bike Tour

Mountain bike riding is a great sport that people from all walks of life can enjoy. While it is definitely challenging, it is also full of excitement and adventure. There are many trails in Phoenix that both beginners and experienced riders can take part in. You can choose the best mountain bike tours in Phoenix if you need some guidance or are looking for a fun group activity. Here are 6 of our best tips for you to take into consideration during your next ride. Related Read: 4 Best Mountain/Trail Biking Places In Maryland

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Tips for Your Mountain Bike Tour

1. Pick the Right Path

Rather than focusing on the spots you want to avoid, concentrate on the path you want to take and commit to following it. You should always take into account your experience level when choosing a path. If you are a beginner, then taking a more difficult path could put you in extreme danger.

2. Allow Others to Pass

Being a mountain bike rider, it is important to allow other people to pass. If you see a rider approaching you, then pull your bike over to the side and give him or her enough space to pass. Doing this will help protect yourself and the other rider from experiencing an unwanted accident.

3. Stay in the Attack or Ready Position

The attack or ready position is super important when you are on a rocky or steep path. It will help keep you physically and mentally prepared for any unforeseen challenges that may arise. To get into the attack position, you need to level your pedals, adjust your seat to flatten your back and make it parallel to the ground and bend your knees and arms at 90 degrees.

4. Learn to Shift Properly

Your trail will likely contain at least a few ups and downs. You will need to perform a gear shift before your bike hits the steep ground. Shifting properly will save your bike from getting damaged and prevent you from experiencing a severe injury.

5. Never Block the Trail

It is common to puncture a tire while biking in the mountains. If you are stranded in the middle of the trail, then make an effort to not inconvenience others. Take your bike to one side and work on the repairs while you are off the road. Blocking the trail is not safe for anyone and could result in an unintended and completely avoidable accident. Related Read: 8 Essential Reasons Why You Need to Learn to Mountain Bike Today 6. Avoid Braking Too Often

Only use your brakes when it is absolutely necessary. Braking too often can tighten the suspension, tires and muscles of your bike. Usually, putting on the brakes is needed when you are going downhill, turning a corner or riding too fast.

If you are going mountain bike riding, then it is essential to fully prepare for the experience. Always remember to bring the essentials, including tyre levers, pumps, spare inner tubes, a first aid kit, water and snacks. Of course, you should remember to bring a good attitude and help your fellow riders as much as you can.

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