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6 Tips on How to Overcome Language Barriers When Traveling Solo

Studies show that traveling has multiple benefits including lowering the symptoms of depression, reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases, weight loss, and also fishing boosts mental health. One of the most effective ways to boot memory and mental capacity is learning a new language. Unfortunately, if you are a frequent solo traveler, it is impossible to learn all languages for the places you visit. For that reason, here are some of the ways of overcoming language barriers.Six things that you can do to overcome language barriers while traveling solo.Take a look at this blog post to learn traveling solo.

Traveling Solo

1. Take time to learn the key phrases
You shouldn’t assume that there is an English speaker in every country you’ll visit. In some places, the natives do not understand even one English word. Learning the key phrases will help you communicate. Even if your accent or tone is terrible, and you use the wrong phrases, the effort put will take you a long way in getting help from the locals.

Besides learning on your own, or using a French tutor Brampton, you should also make an extra effort to learn other words and phrases from the locals. Just like their rich cultures, the locals are always ready to teach and share a few things. Smiling and pointing things will go a long way in breaking the barriers even when the two of you are foreigners.

2. Take advantage of pictures
You can still communicate without a phone or when you deplete your data bundles by using pictures. The meaning of a picture hardly gets lost in translation. If you are looking for a specific item or you don’t like something, you can always travel with pictures. They work well especially when dealing with food.

3. Language apps
Thanks to smartphones, we can translate words with ease. Technological advancements introduce us to a world of smartphone apps that makes daily life and traveling easy. Other than Google Translate, the most popular translation app, you can use iTranslate, The Lonely Planet Fast Talk App, or Way Go App. Any of these apps will help ease any communication associated travel issues.

4. Be open minded
Eve when exploring a non-English speaking country, keeping an open mind is important. Otherwise, you will have a boring, if not the worse experience. You will experience an absolutely different culture than the one you are used to but, to enjoy the trip, be receptive of their cultures. You also need to drop the superiority complex once you land in a foreign country; this also means that you should respect their beliefs and way of life.

5. Use social accommodation
To learn a new language and to stay socially active in the new country, you should take advantage of shared rooms. This is an opportunity to meet new people and to make your trip worthwhile.

Make a point of sharing spaces with other foreigners. This gives you an opportunity to learn new cultures and to make more friends. You may also opt for AirBnB.

6. Travel buddies
To enjoy the trip better, make a travel buddy out of a stranger. Even if you don’t speak the same language, your similar interests will make the trip enjoyable.

Language barrier shouldn’t be seen as an impediment to a good experience but as an opportunity to learn a new language and to meet people you would never meet if you were too anxious to traveling solo. To make your stay in the foreign place better, stay humble but be smart and follow your instincts.

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