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6 Tips To Have A Great Holiday Outdoors

Being a Canadian living in the Northern Ontario wilderness has given me a lot of personal experience when it comes to enjoying a holiday outside (and somehow I still forget to bring an insect repellent half the time). Even though it’s the time of year where some of us receive an unholy amount of snow, there’s still plenty of opportunities to enjoy a great holiday in the outdoors.Six adventure travel tips that will allow you to have a great time you go on an outdoor adventure.This is a list of adventure travel tips.

1. Do Your Homework

Before going anywhere and setting up to spend some time outdoors, it’s for the best you do your homework on the area. Sometimes there’s some miscellaneous items you’re going to need depending on where you’re going. If you’re looking to have a cozy and warm experience in between your ventures, there are still ways to enjoy the outdoors. Appreciating a luxury camping holidays, is an excellent way to take it easy and relax while partaking in an adventure. Glamping means being outdoors doesn’t translate to simply survive the elements, but it doesn’t mean you can’t do cool stuff like surfing, or snapping some exceptional pictures. If you’re planning on going further north than you usually are for your holiday, prepare to dress warmer. If there’s any call for vaccinations in the country you’re visiting make sure you have those up to date as well.

2. Pack Smart

adventure travel tips

If you are planning on having a trip where you travel outdoors packing heavy is going to impede your progress. Having to juggle a luggage with a large inventory while camping outside is going to be a fiasco. Create a list of essential items that you’ll need, and if you can manage to add a few extras and still be comfortable go for it. Plan what you’ll need on your trip and you’ll have no issues navigating the outdoors.

3. Have a Trustworthy Guide

Traveling into unknown territory can be intimidating, and if it’s an area that requires an outfitter or guide make sure you do some research. You want to look at a guide that has a high rate of positive reviews, and a low number of accidents. Unlike trying to save money on a flight, going as cheap as possible when it comes to a guide isn’t always the best. This person is going to be responsible for your safety and safe travels outdoors. You’re not going to want to put that level of responsibility with someone who has a low reputation among customers.

4. Technology Isn’t Always Evil

adventure travel tips

Even if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city or suburban life, bringing your phone with you is a good measure to take. Bring a power bank so you can charge your phone in case of any emergencies. If you don’t want to bring a bulky camera phones also have the added benefit of being more pocket sized so you can add the memories of your trip en route. You might be outside of a service range in order for your phone to work, but it’s safe to have during emergencies if service is just a few miles away.

5. Better Safe Than Sorry

If you’re looking to do some traveling and you’re going further than your backyard to participate in your holiday adventure, you should probably look into travel insurance. Having travel medical insurance if you’re doing some adventuring won’t hurt. Your health care plan may not cover you outside of your country of origin. When you’re enjoying the outdoors, you’ll want to go over the fine print as well, if you’re unsure of what the insurance company would cover you can call and ask. You might have to pay a higher premium for the activity you’re participating in, but if anything happens you know your covered. Travel insurance is also going to have the added benefit of covering trip-cancellation in the event anything happens and you don’t get to go on your outdoor holiday.

6. Have Your Passport Ready

If you’re going out of the country for your traveling make sure that you have your passport ready or renewed for the experience. You’ll also want to ensure you have money set aside in the currency for that country as well. The process of getting your passport can take 4-6 weeks, so make sure you have it in hand prior to setting up any arrangements with guides or booking a flight.

Just like with anything great, it takes some work to get everything in order to have that dream outdoor holiday. Make sure you research the area where you’re visiting so you have an idea of what to anticipate. Only pack the essentials and worry about the excess later. Invest in a guide that’s trustworthy since you’re putting yourself in their hands, and make sure to get travel insurance that’s going to cover the activity that you’re participating in. Follow the above points and you’ll be set to relax and not worry when you’re enjoying the great outdoors.

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