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6 Tips for Getting the Most From Your Niagara Falls Trip

Niagara Falls is a classic vacation destination for families and couples alike. With so much to do and see that you can’t possibly do it all in one trip, you will want to make the most of your time in the area. As you plan your trip, keep these tips in mind to help enjoy your visit as much as possible — and avoid some common headaches.Six things that you can do to have a great time and do as much possible in the Niagara Falls.Take a look at this list of Niagara Falls Trip

Niagara Falls Trip

6 Tips Your Niagara Falls Trip

Bring Your Passport

Although the Canadian and American sides of Niagara Falls are just a stone’s throw away from each other, you still need to cross an international border to see the falls from both sides. Therefore, everyone, even children, must have a valid U.S. passport or passport card to go through the border crossing. The rules apply whether you walk, bike or drive, so be sure bring your passport with you and carry it at all times, so you won’t have any trouble exploring the Niagara Falls attractions.   

Wear Comfortable Shoes  

Many of the most popular Niagara Falls attractions are located within walking distance of each other. Not to mention, it’s easy to walk across Rainbow Bridge between the U.S. and Canada (and highly recommended for the great views of the falls and the Niagara River) and the pedestrian bridges between Niagara State Park in New York and Goat Island. Most of the Niagara Falls hotels on the Canadian side are within easy walking distance of attractions, as well, so you can simply park there and walk. In fact, given that parking is at a premium on either side of the falls, you’ll save time and stress by just walking.  

This means, though, that you definitely need to wear comfortable walking shoes. Keep in mind as well that many of the attractions you’ll visit have stairs or are wet from the mist and will be a bit challenging to navigate in flip-flops or stilettos. Save your feet and wear a comfortable pair of sneakers or walking shoes instead.   

Purchase Attraction Tickets in Advance  

Many Niagara Falls attractions allow visitors to purchase tickets ahead of time, which can save you both time and money. Instead of waiting in line to buy tickets, purchasing online in advance typically grants you access to VIP or advance purchase entrances. On either side of the falls, you can purchase multi-experience tickets that grant you access to several different attractions for one price, which can be up to 35 percent lower than purchasing tickets individually. The Niagara Falls USA Discovery Pass, for instance, includes admission to four attractions, including the Maid of the Mist cruise and rides on the trolley. On the Canadian side, you can purchase similar packages that include admission to Hornblower Cruises, the SkyWheel Ferris wheel, mini-golf and more. Just be sure to read the restrictions and inclusions on advance purchases (the Discovery Pass is only available in the summer, for example) to avoid disappointment.  

Expect to Get Wet  

It should come as no surprise that millions of gallons of water thundering over a 200-foot cliff every second creates a great deal of mist. In fact, the mist in Niagara Falls was one of the initial draws to the place back in the 18th century, when honeymooners believed that it was an aphrodisiac and enhanced fertility. If you were thinking about going down the fertility route, why not try male fertility testing from Fertility Plus.

Whether anyone believes that still today is up for debate, but the fact is, when you visit certain attractions, it’s virtually guaranteed that you will get wet. There is a reason you’re handed a poncho when you board one of the boats to cruise to the base of the falls: The closer you get to the water, the more it feels like you’re caught in a massive rainstorm. Your poncho will keep you mostly dry, but anything not covered (like your hands, face, and camera) will get wet. It’s all part of the experience. 

Bring Your Sense of Humor and Your Patience  

Millions of people visit Niagara Falls from all over the world every year, and during the summer months especially, this can mean big crowds. Even crossing the border into Canada might take longer than expected, with wait times during the high season averaging at least an hour. Expect to wait in line for many attractions (again, purchasing tickets ahead of time can help), and bring your patience with you. Remember you are on vacation, and even when it’s busy, you’ll still have a chance to enjoy the falls and the surrounding area.  

And don’t be afraid to laugh. Niagara Falls combines majestic natural beauty with some serious kitsch in places — after all, you can play mini golf among dinosaurs in between taking in the gorgeous views.  

Prepare Your Cell Phone IReady or International Calling 

Because of the proximity to the border, even when you are on the New York side of Niagara Falls, your phone may be using Canadian towers. Even if you don’t make calls, if your phone is using data, you’ll be charged international rates. Before you go, check with your service provider to ensure you have service to and from Canada to avoid an unexpected surprise on your next bill. Or, simply turn your phone off or put it in airplane mode to prevent it from sending and receiving data, and just enjoy your vacation.  

It’s almost impossible not to have a great time in Niagara Falls. And when you’re ready for anything thanks to these tips, you will have an even better vacation.   

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