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6 Tips for Long-Term Travel with Kids

Long-term travel can be difficult for even a well-seasoned traveler, and it becomes even more complicated when kids are involved. While your little ones might be very excited at the prospect of living in multiple places for the foreseeable future, they might change their mind when they’re homesick, get sunburn, or have no one their age to talk to. So, to ensure both you and your child have a great time away from home, here are six tips for long-term travel with kids. 

Long-Term Travel with Kids

1: Visit Places with Kid-Friendly Activities 

While you might be content reading a novel on a balcony for your entire weekend, your kid could have a different opinion. The last thing you want is a bored child when you’re trying to enjoy your travels, so choose locations that cater to their needs. Resorts are great for that, as they’ll likely have other children there, and so are popular family-friendly destinations like Orlando. 

For an even better time in family-friendly destinations, look for Family Vacation Rentals for luxury accommodation with plenty to do. When traveling with kids, it’s even more important to find a comfortable and fun place to stay. 

2: Stay in One Area for a While 

While you might want to visit five cities in two weeks, that might be a little too much for your young one. Instead, try sticking to one area for a while longer. Doing this will give your child time to get comfortable with the location, making it easier for you both to enjoy yourself. Plus, you’ll benefit, too, as some locations require long stays for you to truly soak up the culture. 

3: Be Sensible with Packing 

With a kid to look after, you don’t want to be carrying around heavy luggage. You also don’t want to skimp on the essentials, either, so find the right balance with packing. Prioritize the necessities like toiletries, clean clothes, and first aid, and try to cut down on luxury items. 

4: Book Everything in Advance  

No matter how adventurous you are, when you’ve got a kid to look after, you must be organized. That means booking your hotels, flights, and restaurants in advance so that you know for sure what your plans are. When booking, remember to do your research on the areas you’ll be visiting, as you’ll need to know if they are kid-friendly and what the crime rates are like. 

5: Don’t Push Your Kids Too Much 

You know your child better than anyone, which means you’ll know the signs that they’re being pushed too hard. If you want to hit a big city for the third time that week, but your little one shows signs of stress, it might be a good idea to hang back and take it slow. 

6: Always Put Safety First 

Most importantly, always put safety first. Take sunscreen everywhere you go, avoid high-crime areas, and put in the effort to ensure your kid is never far from your side. Remember, they’re only small, and the world can be a little scary sometimes. By putting safety first, both you and your child can focus on having the best time exploring the world together.

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