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Travel Photography – 6 Tips For Better Instagram Travel Photos

If you have been searching for methods on becoming a better Instagram for travel purposes, today you can find a multitude of fantastic tips. However, with all the information available it may become confusing as to what will work for you, so here is 6 tried and tested tips in helping you to achieve better Instagram photographs.Six tips and tricks about how to achieve the best Instagram travel photos.In this blog post, you will find tips about travel photography.

Travel Photography - 6 Tips For Better Instagram Travel Photos

Photo by: David Phan

Travel Photography – 6 Tips For Better Instagram Travel Photos

Be Cautious With Filters

Under filtering is regarded as a better option to over filtering. Instagram has now added in variety of minimalist-style filters that include Slumber and Gingham that offers a soothing appeal to images. These filters are able to evoke a travel wanderlust and dreamy vibe that can add just the right touch to your travel pics. Here is a good piece on Instagram filters from around the world.

Let The Destination You Are Taking Pics Of Speak For Itself

Photos that are simple and only focus on certain parts of scenes are in most cases far more powerful than your quest to capture the entire experience in a single shot. This means trying to maintain a simple construction to your photos and experiment with a variety of angles that can often add in a breath of life to what may appear as dull shots to begin with. It is also wise to avoid cramming in too much into your shots.

When Do travel photography Go Easy On The Hashtags

Make sure the tags you use are always relevant to the shots and they should not exceed 10. It becomes hard to read sentences when there is an abundance of hashtags as well as the tag-filled captions have the ability to take away the interest of the actual photos.

However, there are loads of ways to get more views  and promote your account on Instagram and being a little demure with the hashtags will help.

Blur With A Purpose Or Stay Focused

Photos that turn out out-of-focus or blurry or poorly lit are not as enticing as bright, clean and crisp photos. In most cases Smartphone cameras usually feature auto focus but you may need to give the phone the time to focus before you start shooting. However, this is not to say you should stay away from blurring when it has become intentional. Use blurring when you are looking to catch a sense-of-movement or perhaps you want to emphasize on the background opposed to the foreground, then blurring is a good choice. For inspiration on these types of shots go to marrakechua’s “focal experiments.”

When Do travel photography Find The Faces

Very often when it comes to great travel photography, it does not feature architecture or landscapes but rather the people that are local to the area. This is because people play an important part in adding to a destination and these are the people that are behind the local customs and cultures that often cause people to fall in love with certain destinations. If you’re seeking inspiration for your travel photography, you can find motivation and creativity in the words of renowned photographers through photography quotes.

However, be responsible with this type of photography and avoid taking shots in places that are not camera friendly or taking shots of people who have not given you permission.

Have Fun

When it comes to taking the best travel Instagram photos try not to take things too seriously. Try to show the ridiculous, hilarious and fun parts about your travels. Make sure to include a few pretty skylines and spectacular sunsets. Travels should be focused on your own personal experiences. Remember that any one is capable of taking outstanding landscape shots, but when you are able to add your own personal touches they really come to life and are far more interesting to your audience.

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