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6 Things to Know Before Visiting Myanmar

Are you planning a trip to Myanmar? Good choice! Myanmar has plenty to offer: its beautiful temples, scenery, and rich history call for a very interesting trip. However, just like with any foreign country, you need to keep a few things in mind.Here’s list that you should know before visiting Myanmar to make sure you have a safe and respectful trip.

Visiting Myanmar
  1. Hotels are expensive

You may think that all countries in Asia have low prices. Well, that’s not the case with hotels in Myanmar. Tourism keeps on growing exponentially, but there just isn’t enough accommodation for these tourists, so prices keep going up. But pretty much everything else other than accommodation is quite cheap in Myanmar!

  1. Cybercrime is the highest in the world

Cybercrime is a problem everywhere in the world, but Myanmar tops the list of the most dangerous countries for cybercrime. The risk of getting hacked here is very high, so keep this in mind and prepare for this in advance. Don’t use public wifi during your trip (or avoid it as much as you can), use sturdy antivirus software, and start using strong passwords if you haven’t been already.

  1. Bring plenty of US dollars in cash

You can only exchange your US dollars into Myanmar kyats in Myanmar, and you can’t do so anywhere else in the world. So bring plenty of cash and make sure that your bills are as clean and crisp as possible. People in Myanmar sometimes don’t accept bills that seem very wrinkled or dirty because they consider them unusable.

  1. Be careful with food and water

Don’t expect every place you eat to have impeccable hygiene. Avoid shady street food, and refrain from eating things like meat or fish. Instead, go for vegetarian dishes that have less potential to give you food poisoning. Also, do not drink tap water. Always have some bottled water with you and use bottled water to brush your teeth as well. 

  1. A visa is a must

A Myanmar visa costs 50 USD, and you can get it easily online. It’s very easy to apply, but don’t forget to complete this step before your trip because you may run into some trouble later on if you forget. Keep in mind that the visa application requires you to indicate the address of where you’ll be staying, so book a hotel in advance.

  1. Shoes and socks are not allowed at temples

If you’re planning on visiting some beautiful pagodas in Myanmar (which most people do), then be prepared to take off your shoes and socks as they are not allowed at these temples. It’s a good idea to carry a plastic bag with you so that you can comfortably put your shoes in the bag while you’re exploring the temples.

These 6 tips should help you prepare for your trip to Myanmar. The most important thing is to always be respectful and to immerse yourself in the country and its culture!

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