6 Things To Avoid In Las Vegas and How to Avoid Them

If you’re planning to pay a visit to Sin City in the middle of the Nevada Desert, you’ve probably already read multiple blogs and web pages advising you on what to do. There’s so much going on in Vegas all year round that it’s hard to know what you should fit into a trip, so it’s understandable that you’ll want some guidance.

We imagine you’ve already been told the best time to go and get a picture with a sign, and which casinos are worth your time and money, so we’re going to steer clear of that advice.

Instead of giving you ideas of what to do, we’re going to point out a few things that you shouldn’t do. Las Vegas is an adult playground (it even has a literal playground for adults), but it’s a playground that can bite if you’re not careful. From getting fleeced to making poor decisions about spending, traveling, and generally conducting yourself in the streets, there are a few mistakes anybody can make on a first-time trip to Vegas that mark you out as a rookie.

Some of them could make you look foolish, and others could see you turfed out of a casino or entertainment venue, so it’s worth your time to read on and get familiar with the dos and don’ts of the world’s most famous party city!

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6 Things To Avoid In Las Vegas

What To Avoid In Las Vegas

Don’t Play With Your Cards Inside A Casino

Cards are no laughing matter in Vegas. While the casinos are full of amateur players who are there to enjoy themselves and lose money, there are also some semi-professional and professional players around who don’t suffer fools gladly.

They’ll have an eye out for anybody who might be cheating, and so will the multiple CCTV cameras inside each venue. If you’re a nervous or inexperienced player, you might have a tendency to play with your cards. That can include picking them up and down repeatedly, moving them off the table, or absent-mindedly bending them.

Any one of these actions might be construed as an attempt to cheat, and could see you physically ejected from a venue. That isn’t the kind of Vegas memory you want to create for yourself!

Don’t Touch The Hotel Mini-Bar

You’re guaranteed great service when you check into a Las Vegas hotel, but don’t lose sight of the fact that a hotel is a machine designed to extract money from you. Anything you take from the minibar in your room is likely to cost four or five times more than it would cost at a store just yards away from your hotel.

Even touching the bar and putting things in it can be an expensive mistake – some of them have pressure sensors, and will charge you for moving an item even if you didn’t consume it. We’ve heard tales of some hotels charging $50 for storing your own items inside the minibars, too!

Don’t Buy From Street Vendors

As is the case with many locations frequented by tourists, Las Vegas is full of street vendors trying to sell you anything from discount perfume to bottled water. Don’t buy anything from any of them. The majority of them don’t have a license, and nor can the quality (or legality) of anything they’re trying to sell to you be guaranteed.

You have nobody to complain to if there’s an issue, and the city is currently trying to clamp down on unauthorized sales activity. Don’t encourage them to carry on by giving them your money.

Don’t Jaywalk

This isn’t a problem for most American visitors, who aren’t accustomed to the idea of crossing roads anywhere other than a designated crossing point. Visitors from elsewhere in the world, however, are used to playing a little more fast and loose with dodging traffic on the way to the opposite sidewalk.

Jaywalking is a problem in Vegas – and doubly so on the strip – because the people who do it are frequently drunk. That creates an obvious and serious risk of accidents. Large fines are levied against anyone caught jaywalking, regardless of whether they’re drunk or sober. Stick to the crossing points at all times.

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Don’t Take Pictures During Shows

We know that going to a big show in Vegas might be a once-in-a-lifetime event, but the content of those shows is fiercely protected. For magic shows, such as Penn and Teller’s long-running show, what you see on stage could even be considered a trade secret. Nobody is permitted to take photographs under any circumstances, at any show.

Don’t be tempted into trying to do it sneakily with your phone – if you’re caught in the act, you’ll be thrown out of the show without warning.

Don’t Pay Full Price For Shows

While we’re talking about shows, if you’ve paid full price to gain entry, you’ve made a mistake. Only Vegas rookies pay full price for a show. There are discounts available for every show at every venue if you know where to look, and they can save you up to half the cost of admission. That means more money in your pocket to fund the rest of your vacation!

A quick Google search is often all it takes to find a discount code or coupon, but don’t be afraid to ask your hotel. Often, hotels partner with venues to offer deals to customers, and you might even get a few extra perks like free drinks or food thrown in.

That’s all we’ve got. Avoid those six things, and you’ll be fine. Everything else is up to you. You can drink in the streets, you can party all night, you can go without sleep and spend 24 hours in a casino if you want to. All of that is fine – and remember, what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas – so don’t do anything you’d be ashamed of if your loved ones found out!

Last Updated on October 22, 2023

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